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routersploit - Exploitation Framework for Embedded Devices

  •    Python

The RouterSploit Framework is an open-source exploitation framework dedicated to embedded devices. Update RouterSploit Framework often. The project is under heavy development and new modules are shipped almost every day.

pwdcalc - Take no risk and help your users to choose good passwords!

  •    Ruby

Improve the user experience and security of your web application within just a few seconds by installing the pwdcalc gem. It extends your password fields with a strength bar and hint, enforcing a minimum complexity for security reasons. NOTE: It's required to wrap the control in pwdcalc-form-group.

badtouch - Scriptable network authentication cracker

  •    Rust

badtouch is a scriptable network authentication cracker. While the space for common service bruteforce is already very well saturated, you may still end up writing your own python scripts when testing credentials for web applications. The scope of badtouch is specifically cracking custom services. This is done by writing scripts that are loaded into a lua runtime. Those scripts represent a single service and provide a verify(user, password) function that returns either true or false. Concurrency, progress indication and reporting is magically provided by the badtouch runtime.

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