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vue-chartjs - 📊 Vue.js wrapper for Chart.js

  •    Javascript

vue-chartjs is a wrapper for Chart.js in vue. You can easily create reuseable chart components. You can use vue-chartjs directly in the browser without any build setup. Like in this codepen. For this case, please use the vue-chartjs.min.js which is the minified version. You also need to add the Chart.js CDN script.

excalidraw - Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams

  •    TypeScript

Ask questions or hang out on our discord.gg/UexuTaE. Go to excalidraw.com to start sketching.

diagram-maker - A library to display an interactive editor for any graph-like data.

  •    TypeScript

Diagram Maker is a library to display an interactive editor for any graph-like data. Following is a screenshot from one of the consumers of this library, AWS IoT Events Console with Diagram Maker in action.

railroad-diagrams - :steam_locomotive: A small JS+SVG library for drawing railroad syntax diagrams

  •    Python

This is a small library for generating railroad diagrams (like what JSON.org uses) using SVG, with both JS and Python ports. Railroad diagrams are a way of visually representing a grammar in a form that is more readable than using regular expressions or BNF. They can easily represent any context-free grammar, and some more powerful grammars. There are several railroad-diagram generators out there, but none of them had the visual appeal I wanted, so I wrote my own.

draft - Generate High Level Cloud Architecture diagrams using YAML syntax.

  •    Go

A commandline tool that generate High Level microservice & serverless Architecture diagrams using a declarative syntax defined in a YAML file. I prefer to think in terms of capabilities rather than specific vendor services.

mermaid-live-editor - Edit, preview and share mermaid charts/diagrams

  •    Svelte

If you want to speed up the progress for mermaid-live-editor, join the slack channel and contact knsv. Edit, preview and share mermaid charts/diagrams.

Clouddiscovery - The tool to help you discover resources in the cloud environment

  •    Python

Cloudiscovery helps you to analyze resources in your cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure/Alibaba/IBM) account. Now this tool only can check resources in AWS, but they are working to expand to other providers. The tool consists of various commands to help you understand the cloud infrastructure. It provides a CLI to easily perform desired actions.

reaflow - 🕸 React library for building workflow editors, flow charts and diagrams

  •    TypeScript

REAFLOW is a modular diagram engine for building static or interactive editors. The library is feature-rich and modular allowing for displaying complex visualizations with total customizability.

halma - Chinese Checkers Haskell library, GUI application and Telegram bot

  •    Haskell

If cabal fails to solve the version constraints, try using Stackage. See the docs on Hackage.

diagrams - Generate Flowcharts, Network Sequence Diagrams, GraphViz Dot Diagrams, and Railroad Diagrams

  •    Javascript

Command line tool for generating a suite of various types of diagrams, each based on intuitive text DSLs. Generates all of the .svg files, then starts watching the current directory and regenerates any diagram file that changes.

Ascidia - A command-line utility for rendering technical diagrams from ASCII art

  •    Python

A command-line utility for rendering technical diagrams from ASCII art. Ascidia converts ASCII-art technical diagrams, created using particular symbols, into prettier raster and vector graphic formats. Technical diagrams can be created and embedded within plain text documentation (source code comments, for example) so that they can be maintained in the same place. Later, the diagrams can be rendered as images ready for publishing.

dia-attacktree - Attack Tree modeling sheet for Dia


Attack trees provide a formal, methodical way of describing the security of systems, based on varying attacks. Basically, you represent attacks against a system in a tree structure, with the goal as the root node and different ways of achieving that goal as leaf nodes. You should now have a new Sheet called Attack Tree, ready to use.

sphinxcontrib-mermaid - Mermaid diagrams in yours sphinx powered docs

  •    Python

This extension allows you to embed Mermaid graphs in your documents, including general flowcharts, sequence and gantt diagrams. By default, the HTML builder will simply render this as a div tag with class="mermaid", injecting the external javascript, css and initialization code to make mermaid works.

nomnoml-cli - Generates images from nomnoml diagram sources in a NodeJS module or on the command line

  •    Javascript

Make sure that you have NodeJS >= 6 installed. The nomnoml script generates a PNG or SVG image from the nomnoml source text. Both file names and standard input and output are supported as parameters. If generating the image fails, exit code 1 is returned to the caller.

matlib - Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics, http://friendly

  •    R

These functions are mainly for tutorial purposes in learning matrix algebra ideas using R. In some cases, functions are provided for concepts available elsewhere in R, but where the function call or name is not obvious. In other cases, functions are provided to show or demonstrate an algorithm, sometimes providing a verbose = argument to print the details of computations. In addition, a collection of functions are provided for drawing vector diagrams in 2D and 3D.

Luxor.jl - Simple drawings using vector graphics; Cairo "for tourists!"

  •    Julia

Compatible with Julia v1.0. If you can install Cairo and Homebrew successfully, you should be OK. Luxor is a Julia package for drawing simple static vector graphics. It provides basic drawing functions and utilities for working with shapes, polygons, clipping masks, PNG images, turtle graphics, animations, and shapefiles. Think of it as a high-level and slightly easier to use interface to Cairo.jl, with shorter names, fewer underscores, default contexts, and simplified functions. In Luxor, the emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use.

gitbook-plugin-uml - PlantUml plugin of gitbook which can draw UML graph in both markdown HTML and PDF

  •    Javascript

This is a sample plugin for GitBook and is specially adapted for GitBook from PlantUML. Gitbook PlantUml plugin is used to select from markdown uml and converting it into a picture format svg. And what's more, puml and plantuml code block also OK.

asciitosvg - Create beautiful SVG renderings of ASCII diagrams.

  •    Go

Create beautiful SVG diagrams from ASCII art. ASCIIToSVG is copyright © 2012-2018 The ASCIIToSVG contributors, and is distributed under an MIT license. All code without explicit copyright retains this license. Any code not adhering to this license is explicit in its own copyright.

apitest - Simple behavioral api testing in go

  •    Go

A simple and extensible behavioural testing library in golang. Supports mocking external http calls and renders sequence diagrams on completion. In behavioural tests the internal structure of the app is not known by the tests. Data is input to the system and the outputs are expected to meet certain conditions.

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