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netboot - Packages and utilities for network booting

  •    Go

This repository contains Go implementations of network protocols used in booting machines over the network, as well as utilites built on top of these libraries. This is not an official Google project.

Pi-hole - A black hole for Internet advertisements

  •    Shell

The Pi-hole is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content, without installing any client-side software. Once the installer has been run, you will need to configure your router to have DHCP clients use Pi-hole as their DNS server which ensures that all devices connecting to your network will have content blocked without any further intervention.

libnet - A portable framework for low-level network packet construction

  •    C

Libnet is an API to help with the construction and injection of network packets. It provides a portable framework for low-level network packet writing and handling (use libnet in conjunction with libpcap and you can write some really cool stuff). Libnet includes packet creation at the IP layer and at the link layer as well as a host of supplementary and complementary functionality. NOTE: Legacy code written for libnet-1.0.x is unfortunately incompatible with libnet-1.1.x and later. See the Migration Guide for porting help.

dhcpwn - All your IPs are belong to us.

  •    Python

DHCPwn is a tool used for testing DHCP IP exhaustion attacks. It can also be used to sniff local DHCP traffic. The DHCP protocol is connectionless and implemented via UDP. These two characteristics allow this attack to be performed. Since there is no actual connection being made between the client and server we can quickly send many spoofed requests.

eEx Network Library

  •    DotNet

The eEx Network Library contains many classes for monitoring, analyzing, parsing and also changing network traffic. It is basically around WinPcap/LibPcap and provides a framework to write own functions and plug-ins.

Mtcp - TCP/IP and applications for DOS systems

  •    C

mTCP is a TCP/IP stack and applications designed to run well on older x86 personal computers running DOS operating systems. Features include stable/robust code and high performance even on the slowest machines. Current applications include an IRC client (IRCjr), an FTP client, a Telnet client, Netcat, Ping, and SNTP client, a DHCP client, HtGet, and an FTP server.

sower - Sower is a cross platform intelligent transparent proxy solution

  •    Go

The sower is a cross-platform intelligent transparent proxy tool base on DNS solution. The first time you visit a new website, sower will detect if the domain in block list and add it in suggect list. So that, you do not need to care about the rules, sower will handle it in a intelligent way.

node-dhcp - A DHCP server and client written in pure JavaScript

  •    Javascript

node-dhcp is a RFC compliant DHCP client and server implementation on top of node.js.I was searching for a minimalistic DHCP server, which is robust and highly configurable. The first problem I had was: I wanted to deliver an IP address to a Raspberry PI without static configuration right out of my Macbook. However, Apple made it almost impossible to configure the onboard DHCP-server with newer versions of OSX.

dowse - The Awareness Hub for the Internet of Things

  •    C

Dowse is a transparent proxy facilitating the awareness of ingoing and outgoing connections, from, to, and within a local area network. Dowse provides a central point of soft control for all local traffic: from ARP traffic (layer 2) to TCP/IP (layers 3 and 4) as well as application space, by chaining a firewall setup to a trasparent proxy setup. A core feature for Dowse is that of hiding all the complexity of such a setup.

tentacool - REST API to manage Linux networking via netlink

  •    Go

tentacool is a Go server controlled via RESTful API through a Unix Domain Socket. Main goal is to manage all under the hood services for a simple "box". All done with a auditable, fast and bulletproof software.

node-dhcpd - A DHCP (server) implementation purely written in JavaScript with node.js

  •    Javascript

A DHCP (server) implementation purely written in JavaScript. Clone this into your node_modules folder.

node-dhcpjs - dhcpjs provides native DHCP support in Node.js

  •    Javascript

dhcpjs provides native DHCP support in Node.js. Currently, this project just provides simple client and server protocol APIs which allow an application to consume DHCP messages broadcast to the network as JS objects.

phpdhcpd - phpdhcpd provides a PHP based online interface for viewing the /var/lib/dhcp3/dhcpd

  •    PHP

phpdhcpd provides a PHP based online interface for viewing the /var/lib/dhcp3/dhcpd.leases file used by DHCP servers.

ipv6-dhclient-script - IPv6 w/ dhclient configuration script (Debian/RedHat-based distros)

  •    Shell

Simple IPv6 configuration script for Debian (Ubuntu...) and RedHat (CentOS, Fedora...) based distros, mainly for Online.net servers but valid for any network that provides IPv6 access through prefix delegation i.e. the static address is configured by the client and an identifier (DUID) is sent to the DHCP server in order to get functional routes. Dedicated servers provided by Online.net won't come with IPv6 enabled by default so this makes things a bit easier specially when owning multiple servers and IPv6 needs to be enabled by hand in each one.

dhcp-php - DHCP implementation in PHP

  •    PHP

src/DHCP/ contains an implementation of DHCP protocol in PHP. It can be used to translate any DHCP packet from the network into PHP objects and vice versa. src/DHCPServer/ is a simple DHCP Server using the DHCP implementation, using PostgreSQL as a backend for storing lease information. It also supports assigning static ip addresses to clients and was tested with default DHCP Clients on Windows 7, MacOS Sierra and Red Hat Linux 7 (dhclient).

Netdot - Network Documentation Tool

  •    Perl

Netdot is an open source tool designed to help network administrators collect, organize and maintain network documentation. Netdot was initially developed at the University of Oregon and continues to be maintained and expanded with support from volunteers.

coredhcp - Fast, multithreaded, modular and extensible DHCP server written in Go

  •    Go

In CoreDHCP almost everything is implemented as a plugin. The order of plugins in the configuration matters: every request is evaluated calling each plugin in order, until one breaks the evaluation and responds to, or drops, the request. The following configuration runs a DHCPv6-only server, listening on all the interfaces, using a custom DUID-LL as server ID, and reading the leases from a text file.

systemboot - SystemBoot is a LinuxBoot distribution that works as a system firmware + bootloader, based on u-root

  •    Go

This work is similar to the pxeboot and boot commands that are already part of u-root, but approach and implementation are slightly different. Thanks to Chris Koch and Jean-Marie Verdun for pioneering in this area. This project started as a personal experiment under github.com/insomniacslk/systemboot but it is now an effort of a broader community and graduated to a real project for system firmwares.

dhcp - DHCPv6 and DHCPv4 packet library, client and server written in Go

  •    Go

DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 decoding/encoding library with client and server code, written in Go. You will probably only need dhcpv6 and/or dhcpv4 explicitly. The rest is pulled in automatically if necessary.

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