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android-classyshark - Executables (apk, multi-dex, jar) browser for Android, Java and Kotlin

  •    Java

ClassyShark is a standalone binary inspection tool for Android developers. It can reliably browse any Android executable and show important info such as class interfaces and members, dex counts and dependencies. ClassyShark supports multiple formats including libraries (.dex, .aar, .so), executables (.apk, .jar, .class) and all Android binary XMLs: AndroidManifest, resources, layouts etc.To run, grab the latest JAR and run java -jar ClassyShark.jar.

androguard - Reverse engineering, Malware and goodware analysis of Android applications

  •    Python

Androguard is a full python tool to play with Android files. Androguard + tools: Anthony Desnos (desnos at t0t0.fr).

bitshares-core - BitShares Blockchain implementation and command-line interface

  •    C++

BitShares Core is the BitShares blockchain implementation and command-line interface. The web browser based wallet is BitShares UI. Visit BitShares.org to learn about BitShares and join the community at BitSharesTalk.org.

dex-oracle - A pattern based Dalvik deobfuscator which uses limited execution to improve semantic analysis

  •    Ruby

A pattern based Dalvik deobfuscator which uses limited execution to improve semantic analysis. Also, the inspiration for another Android deobfuscator: Simplify. Make sure adb is on your path.

dex-k8s-authenticator - A Kubernetes Dex Client Authenticator

  •    Go

A helper web-app which talks to one or more Dex Identity services to generate kubectl commands for creating and modifying a kubeconfig. The Web UI supports generating tokens against multiple cluster such as Dev / Staging / Production.

dex-test-parser - Find all test methods in an Android instrumentation APK

  •    Kotlin

dex-test-parser was inspired by the Google presentation "Going Green: Cleaning up the Toxic Mobile Environment".Given an Android instrumentation apk, dex-test-parser will parse the apk's dex files and return the fully qualified method names of all JUnit 3 and JUnit 4 test methods.

SimpleSmali - 通过精简Smali语法细节来增强反编译代码阅读性,自定义了一种简单语法

  •    Java


redexer - The Redexer binary instrumentation framework for Dalvik bytecode

  •    OCaml

Redexer is a reengineering tool that manipulates Android app binaries. This tool is able to parse a DEX file into an in-memory data structure; to infer with which parameters the app uses certain permissions (we name this feature RefineDroid); to modify and unparse that data structure to produce an output DEX file (we name these features Dr. Android, which stands for Dalvik Rewriting for Android). This tool is tested under OCaml 4.02.2 and Ruby 1.8.6(7), so you need to install them (or higher versions of them).

vdexExtractor - Tool to decompile & extract Android Dex bytecode from Vdex files

  •    C

Command line tool to decompile and extract Android Dex bytecode from Vdex files that are generated along with Oat files when optimizing bytecode from dex2oat ART runtime compiler. Vdex file format has been introduced in the Oreo (API-26) build. More information is available here. It should be noted that Oat files are no longer storing the matching Dex files inside their .rodata section. Instead they're always paired with a matching Vdex file. The Vdex file includes all quick_info data (old vtable) required to revert the dex-to-dex transformations applied during bytecode optimization. The idea here is to create a quick standalone tool capable to revert optimized bytecode, that does not require building the entire libart from AOSP.

exchangeableToken - This is a extension for Ethereum based tokens, which added an build-in exchange.

  •    Solidity

This is a extension for ERC20, ERC721, ERC827 tokens, which added an build-in exchange.

dex-operator - A Kubernetes operator for Dex

  •    Go

A Dex operator for Kubernetes, developed inside the Kubic project.

kubelogin - kubectl plugin for Kubernetes OpenID Connect authentication

  •    Go

This is a kubectl plugin for Kubernetes OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication. It gets a token from the OIDC provider and writes it to the kubeconfig. You can install this by brew tap or from the releases.

jwt-to-rbac - JWT-to-RBAC lets you automatically generate RBAC resources based on JWT tokens

  •    Go

JWT-to-RBAC lets you automatically generate RBAC resources based on JWT token. For authentication we use Dex with the LDAP connector. The user in LDAP has group memberships and Dex issues a JWT token containing these memberships. The JWT-to-RBAC project can create ServiceAccount, ClusterRoles and ClusterroleBindings based on JWT tokens. When we create a new ServiceAccount K8s automatically generates a service account token.

osprey - Kubernetes OIDC CLI login

  •    Go

Client and service for providing access to Kubernetes clusters. The client provides a user login command which will request a username and a password and forward them to the service. The service will forward the credentials to an OpenId Connect Provider (OIDC) to authenticate the user and will return a JWT token with the user details. The token along with some additional cluster information will be used to generate the kubectl configuration to be used to access Kubernetes clusters.

OmniClientJS - (Unmaintained) Omni Layer Node.js RPC client (bitcoind + omnicored extensions)

  •    Javascript

There are a few bitcoin.conf settings that are necessary to run these tests. These tests will make read-only calls via RPC to make sure that the Node Omni RPC client can connect to the Omni Core server.

loginapp - Web application for Kubernetes CLI configuration with OIDC

  •    Go

Helm: Helm chart is available on ObjectifLibre/k8s-ldap repository. Loginapp uses golang dep.

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