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intero - Complete interactive development program for Haskell

  •    Haskell

Please see the homepage for Intero for Emacs. To enable intero in all haskell-mode buffers by default, enable intero-global-mode, by using M-x customize or by adding (intero-global-mode 1) to your Emacs start-up files.

minishift - Run OpenShift locally

  •    Go

Minishift is a tool that helps you run OpenShift locally by running a single-node OpenShift cluster inside a VM. You can try out OpenShift or develop with it, day-to-day, on your local host. Minishift uses libmachine for provisioning VMs, and OpenShift Origin for running the cluster. The code base is forked from the Minikube project.

Papercut-SMTP - Papercut SMTP -- The Simple Desktop Email Server

  •    Javascript

If you ever send emails from an application or web site during development, you're familiar with the fear of an email being released into the wild. Are you positive none of the 'test' emails are addressed to colleagues or worse, customers? Of course, you can set up and maintain a test email server for development -- but that's a chore. Plus, the delay when you are waiting to view new test emails can radically slow your development cycle. Papercut SMTP is a 2-in-1 quick email viewer AND built-in SMTP server (designed to receive messages only). Papercut SMTP doesn't enforce any restrictions how you prepare your email, but it allows you to view the whole email-chilada: body, html, headers, attachment down right down to the naughty raw encoded bits. Papercut can be configured to run on startup and sit quietly (minimized in the tray) only providing a notification when a new message has arrived.

monday - ⚡️ A dev tool for microservice developers to run local applications and/or forward others from/to Kubernetes SSH or TCP

  •    Go

Your new microservice development environment friend. This CLI tool allows you to define a configuration to work with both local applications (Go, NodeJS, Rust or others) and forward some other applications over Kubernetes in case you don't want to run them locally.

torus-cli - A secure, shared workspace for secrets

  •    Go

A secure, shared workspace for secrets. Manifold provides binaries of torus-cli for OS X, Linux and Windows on amd64.

devspace - Cloud Native Software Development with Kubernetes and Docker - simply run "devspace up" in any of your projects and start coding directly on top of Kubernetes (works with minikube, self-hosted and cloud-based clusters)

  •    Go

With a DevSpace, you can build, test and run code directly inside any Kubernetes cluster. You can run devspace up in any of your projects and the client-only DevSpace CLI will start a DevSpace within your Kubernetes cluster. Keep coding as usual and the DevSpace CLI will sync any code change directly into the containers of your DevSpace. No more waiting for re-building images, re-deploying containers and restarting applications on every source code change. Simply edit your code with any IDE and run your code instantly inside your DevSpace.

CHL - C Hypertext Library - A library for writing web applications in C

  •    C

and a lot more... What makes CHL uniqe is the support for executing functions inside HTML files, much like PHP using the syntax, though CHL uses the <{ }> syntax.

data-migrator - A declarative data-migration package

  •    Python

Data-migrator (version 0.6.3.dev2) is a simple data-migration package for python lovers. Data-migrator is a declarative DSL for table driven data transformations, set up as an open and extensive system. Use this to create data transformations for changing databases as a result of changing code, initial loads to datalakes (it contains a Kinesis provider)and more.

dev-machine - Ansible setup for maintaining a development environment

  •    Javascript

For more information, see my blog post. Runs ansible, provisioning local machine with dev tools and setup.

Boiler - A frontend framework that uses Vue

  •    CSS

Before you install and run the webpack compiler, edit the config /config/settings.json and insert your values there. Download the project, install packages with yarn or npm install and run the dev server.

fast-dna - A set of tooling, resources, and components used to accelerate building Web sites and applications

  •    TypeScript

FAST-DNA is tooling, resources, and components used to accelerate building Web sites and applications. Teams spend significant time building parts of the design system (colors, variable font, typography, grid, components, etc.) which can slow adoption of the latest design guidelines and related technologies. FAST-DNA solves this problem by providing tooling and resources to accelerate development with code that is performant and accessible. Many of the resources are written to be framework agnostic and will work with any component library and JavaScript framework (React, Angular, etc.). We also support a number of React-specific packages for UI generation.

cargo-husky - Setup Git hooks automatically for cargo projects with :dog:

  •    Rust

cargo-husky is a crate for Rust project managed by cargo. In short, cargo-husky is a Rust version of husky. cargo-husky is a development tool to set Git hooks automatically on cargo test. By hooking pre-push and running cargo test automatically, it prevents broken codes from being pushed to a remote repository.

web-hv - A web based tool for inspecting UI of an in-development android app

  •    Javascript

To run the project locally, checkout the code and start a local web server in the root directory. This tool only uses HTML5/javascript APIs and doesn't have any server side component. See CONTRIBUTING.md on how to submit patches.

DevWidget - Android app widget for developers to control their apps quickly

  •    Kotlin

Android app widget for developers to have control over their apps really quickly on their homescreen. Note: This project/idea was inspired by Tony Owen's DevDrawer Android app. This widget has been really really helpful to me for long years. But unfortunately, it's not been maintained anymore and it has many crashes that prevents its usage. I decided to build another one from scratch with more modern design and more modern tools for my own needs.

addon-smart-knobs - This Storybook plugin uses @storybook/addon-knobs but creates the knobs automatically based on PropTypes

  •    Javascript

This Storybook plugin uses @storybook/addon-knobs but creates the knobs automatically based on PropTypes and Flow. This plugin has a peer dependency on babel-plugin-react-docgen . As a result, babel-plugin-react-docgen needs to be added to your Storybook Babel configuration.

DockerLocal - DockerLocal is a GUI application that allows you to keep an up-to-date version of the docker compose file for interconnected repositories while doing development work on a single repository

  •    TypeScript

DockerLocal is a GUI application that allows you to keep an up-to-date version of the docker compose file for interconnected repositories while doing development work on a single repository. These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine.

pyuavcan - Python implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack.

  •    Python

PyUAVCAN is a full-featured implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack intended for non-embedded, user-facing applications such as GUI software, diagnostic tools, automation scripts, prototypes, and various R&D cases. PyUAVCAN aims to support all features and transport layers of UAVCAN, be portable across all major platforms supporting Python, and be extensible to permit low-effort experimentation and testing of new protocol capabilities.