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nanobox - The ideal platform for developers

  •    Go

Nanobox automates the creation of isolated, repeatable environments for local and production applications. When developing locally, Nanobox provisions your app's infrastructure inside of a virtual machine (VM) and mounts your local codebase into the VM. Any changes made to your codebase are reflected inside the virtual environment.Once code is built and tested locally, Nanobox provisions and deploys an identical infrastructure on a production platform.

koding - The Simplest Way to Manage Your Entire Dev Infrastructure!

  •    Go

Koding is a development platform that orchestrates your dev environment. Developers get everything they need to spin up full-stack, project-specific environments in seconds. Share them, update them, and manage infrastructure from a simple interface. Now you are able to access Koding via port 8090 (e.g. localhost:8090) on your host.

valet-plus - Blazing fast macOS PHP development environment

  •    PHP

Valet+ is a development environment for macOS. No Vagrant, no Docker, no /etc/hosts file. Valet+ is a third-party fork of Laravel Valet. Valet+ adds functionality to Valet with a goal of making things even simpler and faster. We are very grateful to the Laravel team for providing the base that we built Valet+ on. Since this is a fork we'll pull in changes from the original Valet regularly as they are released.

Code Server - VS Code in the browser

  •    Typescript

Run VS Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser. It helps to code on any device with a consistent development environment. Use cloud servers to speed up tests, compilations, downloads, and more

Vagrant - Automatic Deployment Tool

  •    Ruby

Vagrant is a tool for building complete development environments. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases development/production parity. Machines are provisioned on top of VirtualBox, VMware, AWS, or any other provider. Then, industry-standard provisioning tools such as shell scripts, Chef, or Puppet, can be used to automatically install and configure software on the machine.

devspace - Cloud Native Software Development with Kubernetes and Docker - simply run "devspace up" in any of your projects and start coding directly on top of Kubernetes (works with minikube, self-hosted and cloud-based clusters)

  •    Go

With a DevSpace, you can build, test and run code directly inside any Kubernetes cluster. You can run devspace up in any of your projects and the client-only DevSpace CLI will start a DevSpace within your Kubernetes cluster. Keep coding as usual and the DevSpace CLI will sync any code change directly into the containers of your DevSpace. No more waiting for re-building images, re-deploying containers and restarting applications on every source code change. Simply edit your code with any IDE and run your code instantly inside your DevSpace.

Laragon - Portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby.

  •    PHP

Laragon is a portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. It is fast, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-extend. Laragon is great for building and managing modern web applications. It is focused on performance - designed around stability, simplicity, flexibility and freedom. Laragon is very lightweight and will stay as lean as possible. The core binary itself is less than 2MB and uses less than 4MB RAM when running.

ember-twiddle - JSFiddle type thing for ember-cli style code

  •    Javascript

To make using Ember Twiddle secure, we use the sandbox and srcdoc attributes of the <iframe> element. Especially srcdoc is not supported by any version of IE at the moment and older versions of other browsers also lack support for sandbox. Furthermore, the sandbox prohibits the use of cookies, localStorage, IndexedDB, Web Workers, etc. We are planning to move to a secure solution with better compatibility soon (most likely one where the twiddle is run on a different domain).

nanobox-engine-python - Engine for running Python apps on Nanobox

  •    Shell

This is a Python engine for developing python apps on Nanobox.This engine exposes configuration options through the boxfile.yml, a yaml config file used to provision and configure your app's infrastructure when using Nanobox.

HAL-9000 - Dominating your dev environment like cats rule the Internet

  •    Shell

Dominating your dev environment like cats rule the Internet.Building a Dockerized development environment with Ansible on macOS. Inspired by IFTTT's Dash.

wordless_gem - The quickest CLI tool to setup a new WordPress locally. Wordless ready.

  •    Ruby

The quickest CLI tool to setup a new WordPress locally. Wordless ready. This is a ruby-gem, so we expect you have already installed ruby, since it is there by default on Mac and Linux; if it isn't the case, probably you'll like to take a look to rbenv.

multi-site-docker - A multi-site-docker configuration featuring nginx, php and mysql

  •    Javascript

In some cases you or your team don't want to use many docker containers while development. Instead of commands above you could also user command helpers for docker-compose.

dev-with-docker-on-ubuntu - After fighting with Docker on OSX and the need for 2-way syncs, fsevents, etc

  •    Shell

After fighting with Docker on OSX and the need for 2-way syncs, fsevents, etc. I developed a desire to get back to a simple(r) development on a linux based VM. This project is a jumping off point. Both vagrant and virtualbox must be available. You may also want to install docker and docker-compose in order to run docker commands from the host, but you do not need the docker-machine to be up. It may cause problems, and has not been tested in conjunction with this repo, as this project is an attempt to replace the docker-machine.

docker-compose-starter - Run your development environment with a simple command using docker-compose 🚀

  •    Javascript

Run your development environment with a single command using docker-compose 🚀. This repository was boarn with aim to share how simple development environment could be with docker-compose. If you ever had to perform 100 steps to run a new project you will like this a lot. You could read more on the problem in this blog post. Ship using same approach, you might want to check it out for comlete demo.

phalcon-compose - Phalcon ready to go Docker Compose project.

  •    Ruby

This is an official, open-source and community-driven boilerplate for Phalcon projects that run on Docker. It's an attempt of standardizing and making it easier to bootstrap Phalcon applications ready for development and production environments. The current version can be seen at docs.phalconphp.com.

meta-environment - A collection of scripts that provision the official WordPress

  •    PHP

The Meta Environment (WME) aims to make it easier to contribute to the network of official WordPress.org websites by automatically setting up a local development environment that is already provisioned with everything you need to get started on a patch. The environment will contain all of the open-source code that runs each supported site, as well as some sample data that mimics the production site. WME is built on top of Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV), and works by provisioning the WordPress.org sites into an existing VVV installation. You can find a lot of documentation and resources for working with VVV on its homepage.


  •    Shell

Bash.env is a cascading Bash environment system. It provides Bash shell-prompt themes, handy functions, aliases, and tools for the Bash power user. Z-shell is great, but it does not come standard on most operating systems. This can be problematic in an environment where you don't have administrative rights.

devbox - Devbox is responsible for bootstrapping your multi-container development environment

  •    Rust

devbox is responsible for bootstrapping your development environment. devbox is a work in progress. It is an opinionated wrapper around docker and docker-compose.

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