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duckrails - A development tool to quickly & dynamically mock API endpoints

  •    Ruby

DuckRails is a development tool. Its main purpose is to allow developers to quickly mock API endpoints that for many possible reasons they can't reach at a specific time.

fod - Freedom of Developers

  •    Go

سرورها در دیتاسنترهای داخل کشور قرار دارد و در نتیجه با توجه به شرایط اینترنت کشور شما می‌توانید با سرعت بیشتری دیتا مورد نیاز خود را دانلود کنید. اگر اطلاعات کافی برای استفاده از پراکسی ندارید سعی کردیم آموزش‌های مختصری برای شما فراهم کنیم. سعی ما بر این است به مرور زمان سرویس و آموزش‌ها را بهبود دهیم تا نیازهای بیشتری را برطرف کند. توجه داشته باشید که این سرویس فقط برای دور زدن تحریم‌ها ساخته شده و سایت‌هایی که تحریم نکردند یا فیلتر شدن از این سرویس قابل دسترسی نیست.

devroadshow2017 - Mozilla's Developer Roadshow 2017

  •    HTML

The Roadshow is a meetup-style, Mozilla-focused event series for people who build the Web. Hear from expert speakers highlighting the latest and best in Mozilla and Firefox technologies.This schedule will be continually updated with links as registration opens. Check back if your city is not yet listed or open for registration. We won’t be able to fit every city this year! But we will keep a tally of cities to plan for in future Roadshows.

awesome-developers - A list of awesome developers

  •    Javascript

A list of awesome developers to follow. The list is located in people.json and is sorted by GitHub followers count.

alfred-mdn - Alfred workflow for MDN search

  •    Javascript

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack. In Alfred, type mdn, Enter, and your query.

todomvc-mithril - TodoMVC app using Mithril.js with CoffeeScript and Brunch

  •    CoffeeScript

This is a Mithril.js version of TodoMVC written in CoffeeScript and built with Brunch.



This GitBook introduces the new concepts and components added in Version 7. This Git Book will cover the basics on how to use Activiti 7 & Activiti Cloud and how it compares to the previous versions of the project.

developers.italia.it - La comunità italiana degli sviluppatori di servizi pubblici

  •    CSS

Questo repositorio contiene il codice sorgente di developers.italia.it. Se vuoi contribuire una modifica, è sufficiente aprire una pull-request.

meanmap - :rage: :earth_africa: Meanmap's Open Source Application Built With The Mean Stack

  •    CSS

Meanmap is an interactive map for Mean Stack Developers all over the world. The mean stack has become one of the biggest communities of fans, contributors and backers worldwide. It provides an avenue where a mean stack developer can easily identify another developer in his local environment especially where there is no local meetup group. If you discover a security vulnerability within Meanmap, please send an e-mail to Prosper Otemuyiwa at prosperotemuyiwa@gmail.com. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

developer.go.cd - GoCD developer documentation

  •    Ruby

Welcome to GoCD - an open-source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery server. Please take a minute to understand [the basic concepts in Go](introduction/concepts_in_go.md) before you go any further.

hashnode-browser-extensions - Google chrome & Mozilla firefox browser extensions for Hashnode

  •    CSS

manifest.json files are maintained sperately for firefox and chrome in their respective folders. In order to live test the extension copy the manifest.json file manually to respective ./dist/{dist-chrome|dist-firefox} folder. Keep making changes and the parcel takes care of the rest. To build for production Run yarn build-all. This builds for both chrome and firefox. This time no need to copy manifest file manually. Everything is taken care of.

community - Developer first, open-source community by developers


This is a group for developers interesting in sharing and learning about software development. And if you are around, we will be very excited to meet you, Join our Meetup.

newsletter - Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Tech newsletter driven by developers

  •    HTML

All the community members that participate in the issues using interesting links to news, articles, projects. The reason behind housing the newsletter in GitHub Issues was to make it more collaborative and to be driven more by the community itself rather than being controlled by one person. We think that this would give us agility, self-healing, self-review and other benefits that can't be predicted now. Another cool thing is that we will have a history of all the weeklies sent before, which could be interesting for anyone subscribing at any later time.

Am-I-A-Real-Dev - Find out if you are a Real Dev ™

  •    HTML

People get really mad. It's not cool to throw rules like this and influence developers that don't know it is not necessarily true.

contrib - DevTube contribution data.


Let's build the best tech video hub together! Check out 🥇contributors leaderboard. Channels and playlists can be added to channels.yml.

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