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wp-tyk-dev-portal - A WordPress plugin that adds a developer portal for a Tyk API Gateway

  •    PHP

If you are using the Tyk API Gateway and have a WordPress site you can use this plugin to integrate a developer portal into your site. This is handy when your API requires a complementary website with information e.g. about the service and you want the developer portal in the same place. It's main goal is to offer developer sign up and obtaining access tokens from your WordPress site. Please note that we, the plugin authors, cannot offer support for this plugin. The code is on GitHub however and we are happy to accept pull requests fixing bugs or adding functionality. Also feel free to report any issues although we cannot promise when and if they will be fixed.

aosc-os - AOSC OS Information, Documentation, and Development Portal


Welcome to the AOSC OS Information, Documentation, and Development Portal! But dont' bother staying for long. Here below is a list of useful resources available to you, about AOSC OS.

3scale-discover-APIs - Add API discovery mechanism to your 3scale API portal

  •    HTML

For the last few years the API community has been doing research around the best ways for humans and services to catalog APIs automatically inside an organization. The challenge is getting harder and harder, as companies are getting more API-driven, with hundreds of services spread in the whole organizations. There are few solutions that exist like Netflix Zuluu, and sometimes related to orchestration and scalability.

docs - 📘 Cloud Posse Developer Hub

  •    CSS

Welcome to the Cloud Posse Developer Hub Documentation Portal. All documentation is published to docs.cloudposse.com. Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Cloud Posse technology stack as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck.

hapi.dev - The hapi.dev developer portal

  •    Vue

The home of the hapi.dev developer portal. First, clone or download the repo and run npm install.

api-management-developer-portal - New Azure API Management developer portal.

  •    TypeScript

This repository is managed by the Microsoft Azure API Management team and contains the source code of the developer portal along with instructions for setting up your own self-hosted version. If you're looking for general information or documentation on the developer portal, please refer to the official Azure documentation.

dev-portal - The SingularityNET Developer Portal where you can find all our documentation, tutorials, and developer resources!

  •    CSS

Welcome to the SingularityNET Developer Portal. Our Developer Portal provides documentation about the SingularityNET Platform and Marketplace. You will learn how to build and access AI services that are published onto the network as a service developer or as an end-user of services that other people have published.