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trymodule - ➰ It's never been easier to try nodejs modules!

  •    Javascript

A simple cli tool for trying out different nodejs modules.Downloads the module colors if needed, and starts a nodejs REPL with colors loaded in the current scope, ready for you to use.

majestic - ⚡ Zero config UI for Jest

  •    TypeScript

Majestic is an electron app that provides a UI for running tests with Jest. Jest CLI itself provides one of the best testing experiences available today. But Majestic humbly tries to expand upon it by providing a rich UI to be used during the dev/test loop.Ok, I lied partially about the zero config part.

lint-staged - 🚫💩 — Run linters on git staged files

  •    Javascript

Linting makes more sense when running before committing your code. By doing that you can ensure no errors are going into repository and enforce code style. But running a lint process on a whole project is slow and linting results can be irrelevant. Ultimately you only want to lint files that will be committed. This project contains a script that will run arbitrary npm and shell tasks with a list of staged files as an argument, filtered by a specified glob pattern.

WWDC - The unofficial WWDC app for macOS

  •    Swift

WWDC for macOS allows both attendees and non-attendees to access WWDC livestreams, videos and sessions during the conference and as a year-round resource. ⬇️ If you just want to download the latest release, go to the website.

AppleEvents - The unofficial Apple Events app for macOS

  •    Objective-C

This is the unofficial Apple Events app for macOS, inspired by the official Apple TV Events app. Use this app to watch Apple's special events on your Mac while you work.

Conferences.digital - 👨‍💻Watch the latest and greatest conference videos on your Mac

  •    Swift

Conferences.digital is the best way to watch the latest and greatest videos from your favourite developer conferences for free on your Mac. Either search specifically for conferences, talks, speakers or topics or simply browse through the catalog - you can add talks to your watchlist to save for later, favourite or continue watching where you left off. As soon as new conferences/talks have been added it will be announced on twitter.

goops - A CLI tool that automagically adds or recommends the best .gitignore for your project

  •    Javascript

goops is a command line tool that adds a .gitignore file to your current working directory. It's a little more helpful than that though, goops will analyze the files in your directory and determine the best .gitignore for your project based on a simple heuristic or offer you a list of potential .gitignore files to choose from.

batect - Build And Testing Environments as Code Tool

  •    Kotlin

Batect allows you to define your development tasks (building, running, testing, linting and more) in terms of one or more Docker containers, run those tasks quickly and consistently everywhere, and easily share them with your team. 🚀 fast: Tasks start quickly due to parallelisation, run quickly thanks to caching, and clean up reliably every time - we've seen 17% quicker execution than Docker Compose.

batect - Build And Testing Environments as Code Tool

  •    Kotlin

If you prefer watching videos to reading documentation, you can also watch Charles introduce batect and the rationale behind it at the Evolution by ThoughtWorks conference. There's a batect community on Spectrum - anyone is welcome to join.

testtube - Watch a directory and run tests whenever python files are changed.

  •    Python

Spare your alt and tab keys by automatically running your project's test suite whenever files change. testtube is tested with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4, 3.5 and pypy.

fabric8-platform - Generates the distribution of the fabric8 microservices platform

  •    Shell

From version 4.x onwards of the fabric8 platform there are a core set of shared services which are shared by all users then a set of services created for each user/team which we refer to as tenant services.Each user/team can get their own Jenkins, Che and Content Repository.

dev-with-docker-on-ubuntu - After fighting with Docker on OSX and the need for 2-way syncs, fsevents, etc

  •    Shell

After fighting with Docker on OSX and the need for 2-way syncs, fsevents, etc. I developed a desire to get back to a simple(r) development on a linux based VM. This project is a jumping off point. Both vagrant and virtualbox must be available. You may also want to install docker and docker-compose in order to run docker commands from the host, but you do not need the docker-machine to be up. It may cause problems, and has not been tested in conjunction with this repo, as this project is an attempt to replace the docker-machine.

react-boilerplatinum - A React scaffold focused in developer experience

  •    HTML

A React scaffold focused in developer experience. The premise of this React scaffolding is provide the best development experience but also with the best production tips.

svr - HTTP development server done right

  •    CSS

It's similar micro-dev, but out of the box for any framework that use http.Server.listen() interface. svr is assuming you have a main file declared in your package.json in the project directory.

debug-artist - Debug menu for happy android dev

  •    Kotlin

Make developers life easier with some tools, you can add it to your debug builds and have some debug libraries like Leakcanary and others without extra work. The Debug Drawer Menu: right menu with features for development.

XrmContext - Tool to generate early-bound

  •    F#

XrmContext generates early-bound .NET classes which represent the entity model of the given Dynamics CRM instance. It is very similar to that of CrmSvcUtil, but has several new features that help you code better and more reliably, and generates files that takes up less space.

XrmDefinitelyTyped - Tool to generate TypeScript declaration files for Dynamics 365/CRM client-side coding

  •    F#

XrmDefinitelyTyped generates TypeScript declaration files based on your Dynamics 365/CRM/xRM solution. It is the TypeScript equivalent of CrmSvcUtil, but instead of generating early-bound .NET classes for server-side code, it generates TypeScript interfaces for all your client-side coding.

after-work.js - CLI for automated tests in web projects.

  •    Javascript

after-work.js is an unified test framework highly configurable through cli and configuration files allowing tests to be executed in the desired context. after-work.js aims to be a tool that facilitates the testing while development or restructuring code. Designed for test and provide fast feedback on changed code and added testcases.

crana - A CLI tool to create React + Node apps with just one command

  •    Javascript

⭐️ Create a new crana project. 💫 Concurrently starts the frontend and the backend in development mode.

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