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Performance - Client side performance tool

  •    Javascript

In short about: This is an npm package to display statistics about your web pages, information such as CSS resources count, Google PageSpeed Insights score, information on how to fix performance issues, HTML errors and more in one custom web page. Tech details: This package mainly uses three plugins w3cjs (HTML test errors, warnings etc), Google PageSpeed Insights (a lot information, for example: how to fix main load/performance issues, load times...) and dev-perf (number of 404 errors, number of images without dimensions etc), The information collected is then displayed in an AngularJS based webpage.

Vanilla-Autocomplete - Fast and fully-featured autocomplete library without any dependencies.

  •    Javascript

Library allows you to create autocomplete functionality for text input fields and has no dependencies on any other JavaScript libraries. Tests are written using Jasmine and ran with Karma. To run the test suite with PhantomJS, run $ npm test.