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json-stable-stringify - deterministic JSON

  •    Javascript

You can also pass in a custom comparison function.Return a deterministic stringified string str from the object obj.

keychain-manager-js - A key system for hierarchical deterministic (HD / BIP32) keychains

  •    Javascript

A key system based around accounts that each have hierarchical deterministic (HD) keychains with ECDSA keypairs (the ones Bitcoin uses).A master private keychain is the highest level abstraction of keys. It represents the root or master private key for the application and/or device. Account-specific private keychains can be derived from it, which can then be used to derive account-specific public keychains.

sort-keys - Sort the keys of an object

  •    Javascript

Useful to get a deterministically ordered object, as the order of keys can vary between engines.Returns a new object with sorted keys.

gokey - A simple vaultless password manager in Go

  •    Go

gokey is a password manager, which does not require a password vault. Instead of storing your passwords in a vault it derives your password on the fly from your master password and supplied realm string (for example, resource URL). This way you do not have to manage, backup or sync your password vault (or trust its management to a third party) as your passwords are available immediately anywhere. The gokey binary should appear in your $GOPATH/bin directory.

finepack - Organizes and maintains readable your JSON files.

  •    CoffeeScript

Organizes and maintains your JSON files readable. You can use Finepack as a CLI tool or from NodeJS as a library. Based on fixpack but with a little more ♥.

lwn-rtbp - Real-Time Linux Article Series for System Configuration and Application Development


Aid application developers in accomplishing common programming tasks in C and C++ (maybe) for Enterprise Real-Time Linux Applications. Discuss approaches to system configuration and tuning. Enumerate common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Use the kernel implementation details to educate developers on why they should adhere to these guidelines.

cnl - A Compositional Numeric Library for C++

  •    C++

The library's APIs are developed in colaboration with standardization bodies such as The C++ Standards Committee and members of The Khronos Group Inc. and it serves as a reference implementation for sections of the C++ Numbers Technical Specification. Please read proposals, P0037 and P0554 for more details. Tested on Travis and CircleCI.

caesar - An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.

  •    CoffeeScript

An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library that lets you focus on writing applications that process data, not encrypted data. A lot of security officials will tell web developers that if they need to type the letters 'AES' then they're doing cryptography wrong. However, they rarely offer any actual secure options to help their audience complete that totally awesome NSA-proof application they've had in mind for the last couple of weeks. Combine this with the recent "Secure, Decentralized, and Anonymous {Insert Word Here} for Everyone!" fetish, and there has been astonishing amount of cryptographic code written recently that is not only difficult to peer review, but often buried within an application's core instead of left somewhere conspicuous. While this newfound affinity for cryptography is fantastic, not every one of these developers will want to dedicate the time and effort required to build a secure product before slapping on the label "It uses cryptography!" Or, perhaps even more disconcertingly, not every one of these developers is aware of the true power of modern cryptography.

HashStablePack - Content Deterministic Marshal code generator

  •    Go

This is a code generation tool and serialization library for Calculation of Stable Hash for content. Basically it will generate an MarshalHash method which follow the MessagePack but without the key. the order of struct member is sorted by type name, so "string, int", "int, string" is equivalent.

keychain-manager - Keychain Manager is a key system that helps you better manager your keys which is based around accounts with hierarchical deterministic (HD) keychains made up of ECDSA keypairs

  •    Javascript

Here we use the terminology that is a bit different from the terminology in other HD key systems, like in the original BIP32 proposal. We take "keychain" to mean a hierarchical deterministic BIP32 key, where any number of keys can be derived from it.

one-password-to-rule - An experiment on deterministic password generation and management.

  •    Dart

This project is meant to be an experiment on deterministic password generation and management. There are a lot of discussion about deterministic approach to a password manager. However the average user would be much better off using a deterministic password then their current password.

simulation - Framework for simulating distributed applications

  •    Rust

The Simulation library is being refactored to integrate more directly with Tokio. Currently, Simulation is not compatible with Tokio 0.2.x. As a result, it's recommended that users wait for a future release of Simulation. The issue tracking Tokio integration progress can be found here https://github.com/tokio-rs/tokio/issues/1845. The goal of Simulation is to provide a set of low level components which can be used to write applications amenable to FoundationDB style simulation testing.

borsh-js - TypeScript/JavaScript implementation of Binary Object Representation Serializer for Hashing

  •    Javascript

Borsh JS is an implementation of the Borsh binary serialization format for JavaScript and TypeScript projects. Borsh stands for Binary Object Representation Serializer for Hashing. It is meant to be used in security-critical projects as it prioritizes consistency, safety, speed, and comes with a strict specification.

ssh-keydgen - Generate Deterministic SSH keys

  •    Go

Allow time to pass, hoping an emergency does not arise when you have no access to your keys ... If the time comes where you need access but can't get to your keys, you can then obtain this utility and re-generate, or even directly add your key to a running ssh-agent.

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