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detector - :dog: 客户端环境识别模块。(UserAgent detector)

  •    Javascript

Note: Above [iphone], [ios], [chrome], [webkit] is dynamically from actual environment, different device, operation system, browser and rendering engine is different. Installation to global (with -g argument), you can use detector command in terminal.

tiny - Tiny Face Detector, CVPR 2017

  •    Matlab

By Peiyun Hu and Deva Ramanan at Carnegie Mellon University. Tiny Face Detector was initially described in an arXiv tech report.

soft-nms - Object Detection

  •    Jupyter

This repository includes the code for Soft-NMS. Soft-NMS is integrated with two object detectors, R-FCN and Faster-RCNN. The Soft-NMS paper can be found here. Soft-NMS is complementary to multi-scale testing and iterative bounding box regression. Check MSRA slides from the COCO 2017 challenge.

Detect-It-Easy - Detect it Easy

  •    HTML

Detect It Easy, or abbreviated "DIE" is a program for determining types of files. "DIE" is a cross-platform application, apart from Windows version there are also available versions for Linux and Mac OS.

roca - ROCA: Infineon RSA key vulnerability

  •    Python

This tool is related to ACM CCS 2017 conference paper #124 Return of the Coppersmith’s Attack: Practical Factorization of Widely Used RSA Moduli. It enables you to test public RSA keys for a presence of the described vulnerability.

detect-port - Node.js implementation of port detector

  •    Javascript

This project follows the git-contributor spec, auto updated at Fri Oct 15 2021 11:12:15 GMT+0800.


  •    JQuery

This is a jQuery plugin that can determine the coordinates of corners of a HTML page element.

GoogleTranslateBundle - A Symfony bundle to deals with Google Translate API

  •    PHP

Note that you can also use an "economic mode" to translate multiple strings in a single request which is better for your application performances.

react-container-dimensions - Wrapper component that detects element resize and passes new dimensions down the tree

  •    Javascript

Wrapper component that detects parent (container) element resize and passes new dimensions down the tree. Based on element-resize-detector. It is especially useful when you create components with dimensions that change over time and you want to explicitely pass the container dimensions to the children. For example, SVG visualization needs to be updated in order to fit into container.

detect-adblock - Get information about whether the user has enabled AdBlock

  •    Javascript

DetectAdbblock is a library which recognizes using of ad blocker in a browser. You can use it in case you want to show advertisment towards users or just run important script which are beign blocked. This library is inspired by BlockAdBlock project. Main changes are that this library is simplified, completely written in ES6 and contains tests written in Jest.

cordova-plugin-jailbreak-detection - Cordova / PhoneGap Jailbreak Detection Plugin for Apache Cordova >= 3

  •    Objective-C

Use this plugin to add an extra layer of security for your app, by detecting if the device running the app is jailbroken. Unfortunately, there are 10s of millions of jailbroken iOS devices, so preventing your app from running on a jailbroken device could lead to a limited userbase and/or bad App Store reviews.

SparkChamber - An event tracking framework for iOS

  •    Swift

Spark Chamber is a lightweight asynchronous trigger-action framework for iOS, designed to be used for automating analytics, tracking, and/or logging. Spark Chamber is built as a trigger-action event tracking system. Its purpose is to allow the attachment of event objects to various UI elements and then execute the event's action (code) asynchronously when the event's trigger condition is met. The optional value trace (String) allows debugging, and the optional value identifier (UUID) allows identification and correlation.

node-chardet - Character detection tool for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

Chardet is a character detection module for NodeJS written in pure Javascript. Module is based on ICU project http://site.icu-project.org/, which uses character occurency analysis to determine the most probable encoding. Currently only these encodings are supported, more will be added soon.

cryptaddress.now - A minimal service to detect which cryptocurrency an address corresponds to.

  •    HTML

A minimal service to detect which cryptocurrency an address corresponds to. Visit cryptaddress.now.sh for a live demo. Check out my blog and follow me on Twitter.

cryptocurrency-address-detector - Detect which cryptocurrency an address corresponds to.

  •    Javascript

Detect which cryptocurrency an address corresponds to. Returns the cryptocurrency that an address corresponds to.

DeauthDetector - Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

  •    Arduino

If the ESP8266 detects deauthentication or disassociation frames it will turn on its LED. That's all ¯\ (ツ)/¯. So this is a good and cheap way to detect a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack.

phpmnd - PHP Magic Number Detector

  •    PHP

phpmnd is a tool that aims to help you to detect magic numbers in your PHP code. By default 0 and 1 are not considered to be magic numbers. A magic number is a numeric literal that is not defined as a constant, but which may change at a later stage, and therefore can be hard to update. It's considered a bad programming practice to use numbers directly in any source code without an explanation. In most cases this makes programs harder to read, understand, and maintain.

ACG-videos-detector - :mag: A simple web media detector

  •    Javascript

The Original idea comes from here. A chrome extension to detect particular words in web pages based on the given patterns, mostly used to sniff ACG media.

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