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del - Delete files and directories

  •    Javascript

Similar to rimraf, but with a Promise API and support for multiple files and globbing. It also protects you against deleting the current working directory and above.Support this project and improve your JavaScript skills with this great ES6 course by Wes Bos. Try his free JavaScript 30 course for a taste of what to expect. You might also like his React and Sublime course.

pump - pipe streams together and close all of them if one of them closes

  •    Javascript

pump is a small node module that pipes streams together and destroys all of them if one of them closes.When using standard source.pipe(dest) source will not be destroyed if dest emits close or an error. You are also not able to provide a callback to tell when then pipe has finished.

self-destroying-sw - Code-snippets and guides on removing ServiceWorker from a websiste.

  •    Javascript

Code-snippets and guides on removing ServiceWorker from a websiste. ServiceWorker is more and more often used in websites development. It’s being added to popular tools and libraries. Sometimes, it might be used unintentionally (generated by a pre-configured tool automatically) or for experimental purposes. This leads to a situation where ServiceWorker needs to be removed.

eliminate - Delete files and directories without all the bullshit

  •    Javascript

Deletes the directory or file. If the filepath is a non-empty directory, everything in it will be deleted recursively. The file or directory path to delete.

RxLifecycle - Rx binding of stock Android Activities & Fragment Lifecycle, avoiding memory leak

  •    Java

This library allows one to automatically finish sequences based on Android lifecycle state, This capability is useful in Android, where incomplete subscriptions can cause memory leaks.

repos - Pull down a list of GitHub repos for the given user or org, and save to a local JSON file.

  •    Javascript

Tiny wrapper around github-base for getting publicly available information for a repository, or all of the repositories for one or more users or orgs, from the GitHub API. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

asynckit - Minimal async jobs utility library, with streams support

  •    Javascript

Minimal async jobs utility library, with streams support. AsyncKit provides harness for parallel and serial iterators over list of items represented by arrays or objects. Optionally it accepts abort function (should be synchronously return by iterator for each item), and terminates left over jobs upon an error event. For specific iteration order built-in (ascending and descending) and custom sort helpers also supported, via asynckit.serialOrdered method.

terradozer - Terraform destroy without configuration files

  •    Go

Terradozer takes a Terraform state file as input and destroys all resources it finds in it - without needing any *.tf files. This works currently only for resources of the Terraform AWS Provider. If you need support for any other provider, let me know, and I will try to help. It's recommended to install a specific version of terradozer available on the releases page.

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