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Revery - Build native, high-performance, cross-platform desktop apps with reason

  •    Reason

Revery is kind of like super-fast, native code Electron - with bundled React-like/Redux-like libraries and a fast build system. It is built with reasonml, which is a javascript-like syntax on top of OCaml This means that the language is accessible to JS developers. Your apps are compiled to native code with the Reason / OCaml toolchain - with instant startup and performance comparable to native C code.

shopping-list - A series of Offline First shopping list demo apps, each built using a different stack


Note: This is a work in progress. Shopping List is a series of Offline First demo apps, each built using a different stack. These demo apps cover Progressive Web Apps, hybrid mobile apps, native mobile apps, and desktop apps.

electrify - A scaffolding tool for making desktop apps from websites.

  •    Javascript

Scaffolding Tool for turning websites into desktop apps using electron. Electrify is a Command Line Tool that creates a project with everything you need to make a themable desktop app from a website like caprine or ramme.

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