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ason - JSON in Java made easy! Catch less exceptions, serialize/deserialize with ease, plus some other useful tricks and conveniences!

  •    Java

This library intends to make JSON very easy to interact with in Java; it also makes (de)serialization painless.It wraps around the well-known org.json classes (JSONObject, JSONArray, etc.) which also happen to be included in the Android SDK. As we all know, those stock classes tend to be a pain. They feel bulky, and make you try/catch way too many Exceptions.

ServiceStack text - NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers

  •    CSharp

ServiceStack.Text is an independent, dependency-free serialization library that contains ServiceStack's text processing functionality, including: JsonSerializer, TypeSerializer (JSV-Format), CsvSerializer, T.Dump extension method, StringExtensions - Xml/Json/Csv/Url encoding, BaseConvert, Rot13, Hex escape, etc., Stream, Reflection, List, DateTime, etc extensions and utils.

Jil - Fast .NET JSON (De)Serializer, Built On Sigil

  •    CSharp

Jil is a fast JSON (de)serializer, built on Sigil with a number of somewhat crazy optimization tricks.

.NET JSON parser & deserializer

  •    CSharp

JSON.net makes it easy to consume JSON encoded objects in your application. It features a fast parser and deserializer written in C# 3.0 with a simple and intuitive API making integration in your application a breeze

JSON Toolkit

  •    CSharp

JSON Toolkit is a .NET library written in C# used to parse JSON strings and handle JSON objects at runtime.


  •    CSharp

The project uses the public WhoIs XML API service (http://www.whoisxmlapi.com/) to obtain detailed details. The project is written in C# and serializes the XML into custom objects.

LevelUp Serializer

  •    CSharp

LevelUp Serializer is a small and simple serialize library.It can help developer to serialize and deserialize data more convenient.



Allows DLR expressions to be built with XML, and for that XML to be integrated directly with a XAML layout. Serialize and deserialize DLR expressions to XML.

swan - Swan stands for Stuff We All Need

  •    CSharp

Repeating code and reinventing the wheel is generally considered bad practice. At Unosquare we are committed to beautiful code and great software. Swan is a collection of classes and extension methods that we (and other good developers) have written and evolved over the years. We found ourselves copying and pasting the same code for every project every time we started them. We decided to kill that cycle once and for all. This is the result of that idea. Our philosophy is that Swan should have no external dependencies, it should be cross-platform, and it should be useful.We offer the Swan library in two flavors since version 0.24. Swan Lite provides basic classes and extension methods and Swan Standard (we call it Fat Swan) provides everything in Swan Lite plus Network, WinServices, DI and more. See the following table to understand the components available to these flavors of Swan.

mobx-decorated-models - Decorators to create serialized model relations using Mobx

  •    Javascript

mobx-decorated-models is a collection of Javascript decorators to make a classes and their relationships observable and serializable. This library is a collection of decorators that co-ordinates making models relate to each other and their fields both observable and serializable.

jquery-deserialize - Decodes serialized form data and populates a form with that data.

  •    Javascript

The plugin accepts two arguments: data and options, the latter being optional. Passing the complete() function as the second argument to this plugin is also supported. Copyright (c) 2017 Kyle Florence jQuery.deserialize is dual licensed under MIT and GPLv2 licenses.

incoming - Transform loose and complex input into consistent, strongly-typed data structures

  •    PHP

Incoming is a PHP library designed to simplify and abstract the transformation of loose, complex input data into consistent, strongly-typed data structures. Born out of inspiration from using Fractal, Incoming can be seen as a spiritual inversion. When working with data models of any kind (database, remote service, etc), it can be a huge pain to take raw input data and turn it into anything usable. Even worse is when something changes and you have to duplicate code or try and keep backwards compatibility. Incoming is here to make all this easier while enabling you to create more concern-separated, reusable, and testable code.

serialijse - serialize and deserialize javascript object, preserve your object model

  •    Javascript

serialize and deserialize javascript object, preserve your object model. persistance and serialization in javascript and nodejs. serialijse can be used in nodejs or in the browser. It makes possible to pass data accross the network and recreate on the client side the same rich object model that exists on the server side.

jquery-plugin-query-object - Query String Modification and Creation for jQuery

  •    Javascript

This extension creates a singleton query string object for quick and readable query string modification and creation. This plugin provides a simple way of taking a page's query string and creating a modified version of this with little code. Chainability Like much of jQuery, this object supports chaining set methods to add new key value pairs to the object. In addition, this chain does not modify the original object, but returns a copy which can be modified without changing the original object. You can use the method the 'loud' alternate methods to perform destructive modifications on the original object.

json-to-crystal - Convert JSON structures into Crystal classes with JSON mappings

  •    Javascript

Convert JSON structures to Crystal classes. A hosted version is available at https://watzon.me/projects/json-to-crystal.

LazyObject - Lazily deserialize JSON into strongly typed Swift objects

  •    Swift

Lazily deserialize JSON into strongly typed Swift objects, with a few getter style options. Since many services have varying date formats, LazyObject provides an easy way to specify which standard or custom format you'd like to conform to.

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