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core-decorators - Library of stage-0 JavaScript decorators (aka ES2016/ES7 decorators but not accurate) inspired by languages that come with built-ins like @​override, @​deprecate, @​autobind, @​mixin and more

  •    Javascript

Library of JavaScript stage-0 decorators (aka ES2016/ES7 decorators but that's not accurate) inspired by languages that come with built-ins like @​override, @​deprecate, @​autobind, @​mixin and more. Popular with React/Angular, but is framework agnostic. Similar to Annotations in Java but unlike Java annotations, decorators are functions which are applied at runtime. This can be consumed by any transpiler that supports stage-0 of the decorators spec, like babel.js version 5. Babel 6 does not yet support decorators natively, but you can include babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy or use the applyDecorators() helper.

SwiftOCR - Fast and simple OCR library written in Swift

  •    Swift

Please use Apple's Vision framework instead of SwiftOCR. It is very fast, accurate and much less finicky. SwiftOCR is a fast and simple OCR library written in Swift. It uses a neural network for image recognition. As of now, SwiftOCR is optimized for recognizing short, one line long alphanumeric codes (e.g. DI4C9CM). We currently support iOS and OS X.

msx - JSX for Mithril.js 0.x

  •    Javascript

As of Mithril.js v1.0.0, you can use the react-transform-jsx Babel plugin for JSX. See Mithril.js' JSX documentation for details.

react-heatpack - A 'heatpack' command for quick React development with webpack hot reloading

  •    Javascript

If you want to quickly prototype React apps without setting up a project, try nwb's react command instead. A heatpack command for quick React development with webpack hot reloading.

resthooks - No longer updated: A lightweight subscription notification layer on top of your existing REST API

  •    HTML

This project is no longer maintained. If you are interested in taking over the project, email contact@zapier.com. REST Hooks are a lightweight subscription layer on top of your existing REST API.

Twilio Server Library for .NET (TSL.NET)


TSL.NET is a library related to Twilio. This library is no longer maintained: http://twilioserver.codeplex.com/discussions/438808

vip-quickstart - Retired

  •    PHP

Note: VIP Quickstart is deprecated as of March 13, 2017. Support for Quickstart ends April 21, 2017. For new environments, we recommend using Chassis or VVV as detailed in the Local Environment documentation.For full Quickstart documentation, see http://vip.wordpress.com/documentation/quickstart/.

rust-everywhere - SUPERSEDED by https://github.com/japaric/trust

  •    Shell

This project has been SUPERSEDED by trust, another CI template, and won't received updates or bug fixes. It's easy to run the test script locally (on Linux). No need to install cross toolchains or other foreign stuff, simply install cross and, for example, call TARGET=aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu sh ci/script.sh.

intern-only-dojo - DEPRECATED - See dojo/meta for the latest on Dojo 2

  •    TypeScript

Dojo 2 core. The Dojo 2 core library provides TypeScript & JavaScript authors with a complete set of tools for developing well-structured, highly maintainable applications.

parser - :rocket: Dojo 2 - library for declaratively instantiating widgets.

  •    TypeScript

A package for declaratively instantiating widgets.

kubesnap - PoC - Kubernetes monitoring by snap

  •    Go

This repository is no longer being actively maintained by Intel. Work has instead shifted to the snap-integration-kubernetes repository.

todoSwift - A super simple todo app with Swift and Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

It includes the objective-c and swift code base.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

duo-babel - Duo plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

duo-plugin for babel.In many cases, onlyLocals is needed early on. Your local scripts need to be transpiled, but most of your dependencies don't need it. However, as time goes on and you publish your own dependencies using ES6, you'll need something more selective.

jade-babel - Jade plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

This is a simple module which adds a babel (ES6 to ES5) filter to jade.Now you can use ES6 in your jade templates as following.

madame - RESTful API for MongoDB built on Flask

  •    Javascript

Madame is a dynamic RESTful API for MongoDB based on Flask.Madame supports built-in CRUD operations.

vagrant-librarian-chef - *UNMAINTAINED* A Vagrant plugin to install Chef cookbooks using Librarian-Chef

  •    Ruby

WARNING: This project is no longer maintained. You should use Berkshelf instead. A Vagrant plugin to install Chef cookbooks using Librarian-Chef.

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