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shrinkpack - Fast, resilient, reproducible builds with npm install.

  •    Javascript

Shrinkpack complements the npm shrinkwrap command by maintaining a node_shrinkwrap directory in your project, containing the exact same tarballs that npm install downloads from https://registry.npmjs.org. The rest of the npm install process is exactly the same. The only difference is that no network activity is necessary when installing and building your project. The node_shrinkwrap directory can be ignored in your editor (much like is done with the node_modules directory) but is instead checked into source control.

doc-sle - Official SUSE Linux Enterprise documentation


This is the source for the official SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE Leap documentation. Released versions of the SLE documentation are published at https://www.suse.com/documentation/, the openSUSE Leap documentation can be found at http://doc.opensuse.org/.

zdd-lab - DC/OS Zero Downtime Deployments Lab

  •    Shell

This Zero Downtime Deployments (ZDD) lab aims at providing an introduction to DC/OS service deployments. It serves as a step-wise guide how to deploy new versions of a DC/OS service without causing downtimes. Throughout the ZDD lab we will be using simpleservice, a simple test service, allowing us to simulate certain behaviour such as reporting a certain version and health check delays.

grunt-deployments - MYSQL database deployments using GruntJS

  •    Javascript

Push/pull MYSQL databases from one location to another using Grunt. Designed to ease the pain of migrating databases from one environment (local) to another environment (remotes). Automatically updates hardcoded siteurl references and backs up source and target before any modificaitions are made. IMPORTANT NOTE: the authors of this Plugin assume no responsibility for any actions which result from the usage of this script. You use it entirely at your own risk. It is strongly recommended that you test the script in a non-critical environment prior to rolling out for production use. Always manually backup your local and remote databases before using the script for the first time. No support can be provided for critical situations.

serverless-plugin-canary-deployments - Canary deployments for your Serverless application

  •    Javascript

You can see a working example in the example folder. For now, the plugin only works with Lambda functions invoked by API Gateway, Stream based (such as the triggered by Kinesis or DynamoDB Streams), SNS based events and S3 events. More events will be added soon.

kubernetes-snippets - Code snippets of kubernetes for visual studio code.

  •    TypeScript

Code snippets of kubernetes for visual studio code. To create secrets, we can just use the template and write them in plain text. Using the key combination of Cmd+k, Cmd+E if you're in OSX (Ctrl if you're in linux/windows) you can encode to Base64.

Reloader - A Kubernetes controller to watch changes in ConfigMap and Secrets and then restart pods for Deployment, StatefulSet and DaemonSet

  •    Go

Reloader can watch changes in ConfigMap and Secret and do rolling upgrades on Pods with their associated Deployments, Deamonsets and Statefulsets. Use comma separated list to define multiple configmaps.