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pipeline - A step by step guide on creating build and deployment pipelines for Kubernetes.


The pipeline tutorial walks you through creating an end-to-end deployment pipeline using Cloud Container Builder, GitHub, and multiple Kubernetes clusters. This tutorial will demonstrate how to propagate a Kubernetes deployment through multiple environments, each backed by a dedicated Kubernetes cluster, using a collection of Kubernetes manifest files across a set of GitHub repositories representing each environment.

environment-operator - Kubernetes Environment Management

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The purpose of Environment Operator is to provide a seamless application deployment capability for a given environment within Kubernetes. It can easily hook into your existing CI/CD pipeline capabilities by installing our Environment Operator Jenkins plugin to interface with environment operator and deploy your services. Each environment (development, staging, production) has its own definition and a separate endpoint to perform deployments. Currently, environment operator supports Deployments, Services, Ingresses, MongoDB Statefulsets, and HorizonPodAutoscalers.