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Hallenberg Framework

  •    CSharp

A framework for making it easier to use modules and dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC (and WPF in the future). You can use attributes directly on you controllers' methods to construct menu hirarchies with complete support for localization.



Provides a wrapper to the various IoC container implementations so that it is possible to switch to a different provider without changing any application code.

Enterprise Library Extensions


Extensions for the Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks which makes programming applications even easier.

Interface Interceptor

  •    DotNet

Allows you to filter and intercept interface methods.



NReco: .NET integration framework for model driven development.

KandaAlpha DDD Architecture - MVC, Dependency Injection, Repository and db4o


A vs.net 2010 beta 1 solution which provides a sample domain drive design architecture separated into Presentation, Application, Domain and Infrastructure layers. Technologies in use are visual studio 2010 beta ASP.Net MVC 1.0, Entity Framework 4.0 and db4o.

requirephp - An implementation of dependency injection/service location (like RequireJS) in PHP.

  •    PHP

An implementation of dependency injection and service locator (like RequireJS) in PHP. You can install RequirePHP with Composer or Bower.

Griffin.Container - Inversion of control container with (almost) zero configuration

  •    CSharp

Inversion of control container with (almost) zero configuration. The container configuration is validated when the container is built, to make sure that all dependencies have been registered.