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just - A library of dependency-free utilities that do just do one thing.

  •    Javascript

A library of zero-dependency npm modules that do just do one thing. A guilt-free alternative to those bulkier utility libraries. Ideal for mobile web development or wherever bytes are precious. We welcome contributions. Please follow our contribution guidelines.

nipplejs - :video_game: A virtual joystick for touch capable interfaces.

  •    Javascript

Check out the demo here. ⚠️ NB ⚠️ Your joystick's container has to have its CSS position property set, either absolute, relative, static, ....

glide - A dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel

  •    Javascript

Glide.js is a dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel. It’s lightweight, flexible and fast. Designed to slide. No less, no more

dmc_unrar - A dependency-free, single-file FLOSS unrar library

  •    C

dmc_unrar is a dependency-free, single-file FLOSS library for unpacking and decompressing RAR archives. dmc_unrar is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (or later). Please see dmc_unrar.c for details.

promise-utils - Lodash-like, dependency-free utilities for native ES6 promises.

  •    TypeScript

Promise-utils is a dependency-free JavaScript/TypeScript library that provides Lodash-like utility functions for dealing with native ES6 promises.

NPM-Free-Server - A tiny Node server that does not require running npm install

  •    Javascript

This is a very tiny server. Without comments it's 50 lines of code and it's <1KB (minified). You do not need to use npm install to use this. You just need Node installed. Feel free to modify it for you project.

embla-carousel - :four_leaf_clover: Extensible low level carousels for the web

  •    TypeScript

Extensible low level carousels for the web. Extend it with basic JavaScript and build awesome physics simulated carousels. Dependency free and 100% open source.

gdpr-cookie-consent-banner - A GDPR compliant cookie consent banner implementation

  •    Svelte

This is a vanilla JS implementation (thanks to Svelte) of a compliant GDPR banner. It allows the user granular opt-in and out of four different cookie categories. Simply install the node module into your codebase.

svelte-scrollspy - Scroll Spy component for Svelte

  •    Javascript

This component uses IntersectionObservers (and a polyfill for non-supporting browsers like Safari) so that performance is quick and doesn't impact the user's experience. This library is pure javascript, so can be used with any framework you like.

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