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pig - A Linux packet crafting tool.

  •    C

Pig (which can be understood as Packet intruder generator) is a Linux packet crafting tool. You can use Pig to test your IDS/IPS among other stuff.Pig brings a bunch of well-known attack signatures ready to be used and you can expand this collection with more specific things according to your requirements.

rloris - A Rust implementation of slow HTTP DoS techniques

  •    Rust

rloris is an implementation of RSnake's SlowLoris attack in Rust, with other attacks on the way. You can also download a working binary for Linux x64 from the releases directory.

Multi-Go - A multi-tool made in Go, and aimed at security experts to make life a little more convenient

  •    Go

A command line multi-tool made in Go, and aimed at security experts to make life a little more convenient. It does this by combining a massive array of different tasks, into one program. Multi Go is intended to be used on linux (mostly Debian & Ubuntu like distros). It might run on Windows. Currently it isn't tested, nor supported! I will eventually work on a Windows patch.

finshir - :dizzy: An asynchronous Low & Slow traffic generator, written in Rust

  •    Rust

You are seeing an ergonomic, asynchronous, and fully customisable implementation of Low & Slow load generator designed for real-world pentesting. It can be completely undetectable by torifying all the connections. Asynchronous. Finshir uses the Tokio runtime for asynchronous I/O to reduce the CPU load significantly and make the program portable between multiple platforms (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, and other).

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