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rexray - REX-Ray is a container storage orchestration engine enabling persistence for cloud native workloads

  •    Go

REX-Ray provides a vendor agnostic storage orchestration engine. The primary design goal is to provide persistent storage for Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos.It is additionally available as a Go package, CLI tool, and Linux service which enables it to be used for additional use cases.

RackHD - RackHD™ provides hardware management and orchestration services

  •    Python

RackHD is a technology stack created for enabling hardware management and orchestration, to provide cohesive APIs to enable automated infrastructure. In a Converged Infrastructure Platform (CIP) architecture, RackHD software provides hardware management and orchestration (M&O). It serves as an abstraction layer between other M&O layers and the underlying physical hardware. Developers can use the RackHD API to create a user interface that serves as single point of access for managing hardware services regardless of the specific hardware in place. This repository acts as a single source location to help you get or build all the pieces to learn about, take advantage of, and contribute to RackHD.

scaleio-framework - The ScaleIO Framework implements an Apache Mesos Framework to manage the lifecycle of ScaleIO, a scale-out software-based block storage platform

  •    Go

The ScaleIO Framework deploys Dell EMC ScaleIO as a simplified task in Apache Mesos. All the required components to consume and provision storage volumes from a ScaleIO cluster are automatically deployed and configured on the Mesos Agents. This creates an automated mechanism to have a fully configured and reliable persistent storage solution for containers running on Apache Mesos. Container runtime schedulers need to be integrated with every aspect of available hardware resources, including persistent storage. When requesting resources for an application the scheduler gets offers for CPU, RAM and disk.

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