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AdapterDelegates - "Favor composition over inheritance" for RecyclerView Adapters

Read the motivation for this project in my blog post. Please note that since 3.0 the group id has been changed to adapterdelegates3.


Lenic.DI -- Another IOC Container Library Using Delegate

node-delegates - Nodejs method and accessor delegation utility

Node method and accessor delegation utilty.Delegates getters, setters, values, and methods from targetProto to proto. Assumes that targetProto objects will exist under proto objects with the key targetProp.

delegato - A delegator mixin for CoffeeScript

A mixin that provides a @delegates class method.

delegate - Lightweight event delegation

Lightweight event delegation. You can get it on npm.

delegate - Event delegation component

Low-level event delegation component. Bind and return a callback which may be passed to .unbind().

FlowKit - Declarative type-safe manager for UITableView & UICollectionView

FlowKit is a new approach to create, populate and manage UITableView and UICollectionView. With a declarative and type-safe approach you don't need to implement datasource/delegate anymore: your code is easy to read, maintain and SOLID.

preact-delegate - Preact delegate DOM events

Delegate DOM events with Preact (since Preact doesn't do that by default).

DelegateDecompiler - A library which is able to decompile a delegate or a method body to its lambda representation

If your class doesn't have a [Computed] attribute, you can use the .Computed() extension method.. If you are using ORM specific features, like EF's Include, AsNoTracking or NH's Fetch then Decompile method should be called after all ORM specific methods, otherwise it may not work. Ideally use Decompile extension method just before materialization methods such as ToList, ToArray, First, FirstOrDefault, Count, Any, and etc.

lisk-pool - My Lisk, Shift, Ark, Rise, Oxy, Kapu, Oxy redistribution software

This software is created by lisk delegate "dakk", please consider a small donation if you use this software: "2324852447570841050L" for lisk or "7725849364280821971S" for shift or "AZAXtswaWS4v8eYMzJRjpd5pN3wMBj8Rmk" for ark. Now edit docs/index.html and customize the webpage.

eva - Functions to create and call functions and evaluate expressions

Functions to create and call functions and evaluate expressions. Use dist/eva.js or dist/eva.min.js (minified version).