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fastclick - Polyfill to remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs

  •    HTML

FastClick is a simple, easy-to-use library for eliminating the 300ms delay between a physical tap and the firing of a click event on mobile browsers. The aim is to make your application feel less laggy and more responsive while avoiding any interference with your current logic. FastClick is developed by FT Labs, part of the Financial Times.

tap - 1Kb library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events

  •    Javascript

Tap is a Javascript library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events. Otherwise just download the library.

DifferentialEquations.jl - Julia suite for high-performance solvers of differential equations

  •    Julia

The well-optimized DifferentialEquations solvers benchmark as the some of the fastest implementations, using classic algorithms and ones from recent research which routinely outperform the "standard" C/Fortran methods, and include algorithms optimized for high-precision and HPC applications. At the same time, it wraps the classic C/Fortran methods, making it easy to switch over to them whenever necessary. It integrates with the Julia package sphere, for example using Juno's progress meter, automatic plotting, built-in interpolations, and wraps other differential equation solvers so that many different methods for solving the equations can be accessed by simply switching a keyword argument. It utilizes Julia's generality to be able to solve problems specified with arbitrary number types (types with units like Unitful, and arbitrary precision numbers like BigFloats and ArbFloats), arbitrary sized arrays (ODEs on matrices), and more. This gives a powerful mixture of speed and productivity features to help you solve and analyze your differential equations faster. For information on using the package, see the stable documentation. Use the latest documentation for the version of the documentation which contains the un-released features.

Fiddler Delayed Responses Extension


A fiddler extension that help developers delay the delivery of HTML Responses to applications. Some delay user stories: - Delivery of css to HTML pages, delaying or disturb the renderization - Delivery of javascript to HTML pages, raising javascript events. - Timeouts - ...

Enhanced ObservableCollection with ability to delay or disable notifications

  •    DotNet

Code compatible replacement for ObservableCollection with ability to delay or disable notifications.

Silverlight Continuation Tasks Library

  •    CSharp

The Silverlight Continuation Tasks Library provides a simplification to chain a continuation of asynchronous tasks, on completion, to invoke a second task ...

retry - A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful.

  •    Go

A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful. This project is currently in "pre-release". While the code is heavily tested, the API may change. Vendor (commit or lock) this dependency if you plan on using it.

ROMPlayer - AudioKit Sample Player (ROM Player) - EXS24, Sound Font, Wave Player

  •    Swift

Welcome to the official AudioKit example of a sample-based music instrument written in Swift. It can be modified to play EXS24, Wave, or Sound Fonts. This code is lightweight and demonstrates how you can make a beautiful sounding, pro-level instrument with small amount of code. If you're new to AudioKit, you can learn more and view getting started links: here.

PageController - Infinite paging controller, scrolling through contents and title bar scrolls with a delay

  •    Swift

PageController is infinite paging controller, scrolling through contents and title bar scrolls with a delay. Then it provide user interaction to smoothly and effortlessly moving. It is for iOS written in Swift. Type is [UIViewController], and element must have title.


  •    JQuery

A small jQuery plugin providing a delay to be set before the handler is called in jQuery's .ajaxStart()


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that adds the changeOrDelayedKey listener.


  •    JQuery

Simple, yet elegant jQuery.Deferred wrapper for window.setTimeout() and window.clearTimeout().


  •    JQuery

Allows you to use the jQuery.Deferred mechanism in combination with setTimeout and setInterval.

temporal - Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing. For use with robots built with Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing. temporal does NOT use setTimeout or setInterval, however there is a cost for using "recursive" setImmediate to create an extremely fast, async execution loop. CPU usage is expected to peak when using temporal, because the internal ticker needs to execute as fast as possible and as many times per second as possible. It's this speed that allows temporal to review the internal schedule for tasks to execute more than once per millisecond, which is needed to create preferential execution cycles for hardware programming.temporal is not good for sparse task scheduling.

watchify-middleware - a server for faster watchify development

  •    Javascript

For practical implementations, see watchify-server or budo.For a more complete example, see example/server.js.

delayed - A collection of JavaScript helper functions for your functions, using setTimeout() to delay and defer

  •    Javascript

Delayed is designed for use across JavaScript platforms, including the browser and within Node.js. It conforms to CommonJS and AMD and can be included within an Ender build. It is available in npm (for Node.js and Ender) as "delayed" or can be downloaded straight from GitHub repository.delay() is an interface to setTimeout() but with better this handling and consistent cross-browser argument passing.

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