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uRequire - The Ultimate JavaScript Module Builder & Automagical Task Runner

  •    CoffeeScript

Docs / wiki / http://uRequire.org mainly are Work In Progress (in transition from v0.6.x) - but everything should work except you'll need npm install urequire-cli -g & npm install urequire locally (if you are using the CLI urequire instead of the the recommended grunt-urequire). Check uRequire's master config / docs for up to date usage. conversion from AMD or CommonJs (or a combination of both) to UMD or combined (<script>, AMD & nodejs compatible) javascript.

commonjs-require-definition - Common.js require definition.

  •    Javascript

Simple CommonJS require() definition.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

define-lazy-prop - Define a lazily evaluated property on an object

  •    Javascript

Useful when the value of a property is expensive to generate, so you want to delay the computation until the property is needed. For example, improving startup performance by deferring nonessential operations.Object to add property to.

DefineJS - An AMD wrapper for Node modules

  •    Javascript

DefineJS is an Asynchronous Module Definition wrapper for Node. Writing modules in AMD style is convenient when code is shared between Node and a browser. The client needs to use an AMD loader like RequireJS. This will add define as a global so it's available everywhere else in the application automatically. Create AMD modules anywhere you like. They can be loaded with require or define.

redux-define - Define action constants for Redux

  •    Javascript

If you don’t use npm, you may grab the latest UMD build from unpkg (either a development or a production build). The UMD build exports a global called window.ReduxDefine if you add it to your page via a <script> tag. We don’t recommend UMD builds for any serious application, as most of the libraries complementary to Redux are only available on npm.

grunt-urequire - Grunt wrapper for uRequire

  •    CoffeeScript

Note: You 'll need npm install urequire (version >- 0.7.0) already installed with your project - it comes only as a peerDependency of grunt-urequire. uRequire config objects become grunt tasks as they are.

define-property - Define a non-enumerable property on an object.

  •    Javascript

Define a non-enumerable property on an object. Uses Reflect.defineProperty when available, otherwise Object.defineProperty. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

predefine - Predefine makes Object.defineProperties your human readable and manageable

  •    Javascript

Predefine makes Object.defineProperties your human readable and manageable. As you can see from the snippet above, it's really easy to see which properties are made readable and which one's are writable.

define-properties - Define multiple non-enumerable properties at once

  •    Javascript

Define multiple non-enumerable properties at once. Uses Object.defineProperty when available; falls back to standard assignment in older engines. Existing properties are not overridden. Accepts a map of property names to a predicate that, when true, force-overrides.

jspreproc - C-Style source file preprocessor and comments remover for JavaScript in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Me too. This is why jspreproc, a tiny, C-Style source file preprocessor in JavaScript for JavaScript, with duplicate empty lines and comments remover. Featuring many of the C preprocessor characteristics through JavaScript comments, jspreproc can be used in any source with a JavaScript-like syntax, even C# files with some limitations.

graphql-strong - Define your GraphQL schemas with confidence that your values are correct.

  •    TypeScript

One of the biggest reasons to use GraphQL is its static type system. This type system makes it easy for GraphQL clients to do interesting optimizations and allows for powerful developer tools. Including GraphQL API development tools. Strong GraphQL, or graphql-strong, is a library that leverages TypeScript types to give you the power of static type analysis when defining your GraphQL API in JavaScript. With the reference graphql-js implementation you can’t get the type safety GraphQL provides when building your API, but with Strong GraphQL you can.

wicked-elements - Components for the DOM as you've never seen before

  •    Javascript

An all inclusive ~1.3K library to handle any element as if it was a Custom Element. Please read VERSIONS.md to know more about historical changes, including the breaking one.

regular-elements - Custom Elements made available for any node, and through CSS selectors

  •    Javascript

Everything I love about Custom Elements made available for any node, and through CSS selectors. No Custom Elements, no Shadow DOM, and no polyfills are needed.

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