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js-traverse - Traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk.

Traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk.Each method that takes an fn uses the context documented below in the context section.

deep-freeze - recursively Object.freeze() on objects and functions

Call Object.freeze(obj) recursively on all unfrozen properties of obj that are functions or objects.Based in part on the code snippet from the MDN wiki page on Object.freeze(), which is released to the public domain.

DeepJ - A deep learning model for style-specific music generation.

Recent advances in deep neural networks have enabled algorithms to compose music that is comparable to music composed by humans. However, few algorithms allow the user to generate music with tunable parameters. The ability to tune properties of generated music will yield more practical benefits for aiding artists, filmmakers, and composers in their creative tasks. In this paper, we introduce DeepJ - an end-to-end generative model that is capable of composing music conditioned on a specific mixture of composer styles. Our innovations include methods to learn musical style and music dynamics. We use our model to demonstrate a simple technique for controlling the style of generated music as a proof of concept. Evaluation of our model using human raters shows that we have improved over the Biaxial LSTM approach. Clone Python MIDI (https://github.com/vishnubob/python-midi) cd python-midi then install using python3 setup.py install.

deepmerge - A library for deep (recursive) merging of Javascript objects

Merge the enumerable attributes of two objects deeply. For the old array element-merging algorithm, see the arrayMerge option below.

sort-keys - Sort the keys of an object

Useful to get a deterministically ordered object, as the order of keys can vary between engines.Returns a new object with sorted keys.

js-deep-filter - Recursively filters collections (arrays and objects)

Recursively filters collections (arrays and objects).The browser file is named index.umd.js which supports CommonJS, AMD and globals (deepFilter). If you want to run this module on old browsers, you must include es5-shim.

js-deep-sort-object - Simple module to sort objects recursively by its keys

Simple module to sort objects recursively by its keys.The browser file is named index.umd.js which supports CommonJS, AMD and globals (deepForEach). If you want to run this module on old browsers, you must include es5-shim.

deep-access - Access nested object properties via strings.

Access nested object properties via strings, with existential operator (?) support.Access obj's property prop. The property string may contain key names, dots and question marks. If a key ends with an question mark but doesn't exist, the algorithm aborts and returns what it last got.

node-require-smart - The smart way of requiring multiple files in NodeJS

The smart way of organizing your app's files and folders, by requiring recursivelly and automagicly parsing file names as their scope key.You can customize the way RequireSmart loads your dependencies.

core-assert - Node.js `assert` as a standalone module

Useful to ensure consistency between Node.js versions as the assert module has changed a lot.Lets you use the Node.js 4.0 assert.deepStrictEqual()/assert.notDeepStrictEqual() methods all the way back to Node.js 0.10.

node-pathway - trace key-paths through nested objects

Return an array of all the matching paths through the nested object obj that match the key path route path.Some types may select multiple matching results at a given node, in which case all the matching nodes at that level will be followed forward into the result until a later condition isn't satisfied.

amazon-sagemaker-examples - Example notebooks that show how to apply machine learning and deep learning in Amazon SageMaker

These examples provide a gentle introduction to machine learning concepts as they are applied in practical use cases across a variety of sectors.These examples provide quick walkthroughs to get you up and running with Amazon SageMaker's custom developed algorithms. Most of these algorithms can train on distributed hardware, scale incredibly well, and are faster and cheaper than popular alternatives.

deep - node.js utilities for manipulating deeply-nested data structures

This library contains utilities for manipulating deeply-nested data structures. These functions only perform recursive traversal of arrays and "plain" objects, that is, those objects that were created using object literals ({}) or new Object. This function works by checking to see if the argument's constructor's name is Object.

introspected - Introspection for serializable arrays and JSON friendly objects.

If you'd like to be notified about any possible change that could happen to a JSON compatible model / data / object / array / structure, including the possibility to retrieve the exact full path of the object that changed and eventually walk through it, you've reached your destination. Any spec compliant ES2015 JavaScript engine.

cloner - Cloning ES5+ objects in a shallow or deep way

An ES5+ compatible utility to deep or shallow copy and merge objects. The module has two sub modules: shallow and deep. Both of them will have two methods: copy and merge.