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free-style - Make CSS easier and more maintainable by using JavaScript

Free-Style is designed to make CSS easier and more maintainable by using JavaScript. There's a great presentation by Christopher Chedeau you should check out.

duplicate-kriller - A fast file deduplicator

Replaces files that have identical content with hardlinks, so that file data of all copies is stored only once, saving disk space. Useful for reducing sizes of multiple backups, messy collections of photos and music, countless copies of node_modules, and anything else that's usually immutable (since all hardlinked copies of a file will change when any one of them is changed).Works on macOS and Linux. Windows is not supported.

pkgcount - Produce a report on number of duplicate packages in node_modules.

Easily see how many packages, which versions and how many copies of each package are installed in your node_modules hierarchy.By default, pkgcount uses coloured output as a simple visual aide to help identify packages with high levels of duplication. Packages are shaded from yellow->red based on the number of duplicates.

file-dedupe - Fast duplicate file detection library

findup is quite fast - it is within 2x of the fastest duplicate finders written in C/C++. Based on the V8 profiler output, about 40% of the time is spent on I/O, 13% on crypto and 11% on file traversal, so any further gains in performance will need to come from I/O optimizations rather than code optimizations. BTW, you may notice that file-dedupe defaults to sync I/O. This is because the async I/O seems to have significant overhead for typical FS tasks. You can test this out by passing the --async flag on your system.

postcss-merge-selectors - PostCSS plugin to combine selectors that have identical rules

PostCSS plugin to combine selectors that have identical rules. Can be configured to only merge rules who's selectors match specific filters. This plugin isn't smart. It hasn't got a chuffing clue what your css is trying to achieve. Combining selectors might satisfy your urge to be tidy, but the warm fluffy feeling will subside pretty quickly when your new bijou css causes styles to be applied differently. In order to merge two selectors we have to move one of them. That means they may now override rules that used to be after them, or they may be overridden by rules that used to be before them. I recommend you use the selectorFilter option to only target specific selectors and the promote option if you need to move the resulting selectors further down the stylesheet. Test the resulting css carefully.