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node-rsa - Node.js RSA library

  •    Javascript

This library developed and tested primary for Node.js, but it still can work in browsers with browserify. You can specify some options by second/third constructor argument, or over key.setOptions() method.

wolfssl - (formerly CyaSSL) is a small, fast, portable implementation of TLS/SSL for embedded devices to the cloud

  •    C

The wolfSSL embedded SSL library (formerly CyaSSL) is a lightweight SSL/TLS library written in ANSI C and targeted for embedded, RTOS, and resource-constrained environments - primarily because of its small size, speed, and feature set. It is commonly used in standard operating environments as well because of its royalty-free pricing and excellent cross platform support.

CryptonCmd is cryptography toolset for encrypting and digital signing


CryptonCmd is simple toolset for basic cryptographic operations. It developed using C# 4.0 and VS2010. CryptonCmd includes command line utilites for encrypting, decrypting, signing, sign verification and cryptographic keys generation. Both symmetric and asymmetric algorithms a...

HTML Encrypter

  •    Java

An encryption and decryption application developed in Java. The application uses a number of algorithms to encrypt and decrypt the HTML source code: Blowfish, AES, TEA, Rabbit, MARC 4, Escape/Unescape functions. In addition to the encryption and decryption functions, the ap...

Chiave 2.1


Application for file encryption and decryption using 512 Bit Rijndael encryption algorithm with simple UI to use. Its written in C# and compiled in .Net version 3.5, it incorporates features of Windows 7 like Jumplists, Taskbar progress and Aero Glass. Coming Soon New Chia...

CTI Text Encryption


A text encryption tools. Able to encrypt with multiple password. Light weight, efficient, portable and able to translate to your language.



A small encryption algorithm written in VB.NET. Please contribute and develop with me!

Super Library .NET

  •    DotNet

Super Library (SuperLib) is a collection of useful utilities for every day use in your .NET projects. Written in VB.NET it contains many generic functions brought together over the years into a single library, helping with HTTP, Email, String, Null and Validation handling. T...



This project is aiming to develop an encryption application that enables the user to encrypt and decrypt text (primarily) and files (in the future). The project will be written in VB.NET and called Consus.

crypt.io - Encryption enabled browser storage

  •    Javascript

crypt.io implements secures browser storage with the SJCL (Stanford Javascript Crypto Libraries) crypto library. Here are a few examples of use to get you started.

nacl-stream-js - Streaming encryption based on TweetNaCl.js

  •    Javascript

Inputs: 32-byte key, 16-byte nonce, a stream (or a file).Stream is split into chunks of the specified length.

Cryptex - Secure secret storage and cryptographic key retrieval for Node.js

  •    Javascript

If you check database passwords into git, download credential files from S3 or some other server, provide plaintext keys to your continuous integration/deployment solution, or don't have the ability to limit engineers from getting production secrets, stop doing what you're doing. Following 12 Factor? Rock on. We have env var support already built-in.

node-gpg - Node.js bindings for Gnu Privacy Guard

  •    C++

GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) bindings for node.js supporting public key cryptography, encryption, decryption, signing and verification. This is based off of the GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) GPG C library, see its very good documentation for more information. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3, see the COPYING file in this directory.

rsa-stream - encrypt/decrypt rsa with streams

  •    Javascript

This module is a bit silly unless you are using it as a wrapper because you shouldn't encrypt too many bytes with asymmetric crypto. Instead, encrypt a key for a symmetric cipher in a short header and then switch to symmetric crypto for the payload.You should probably be using hybrid-rsa-stream instead.

minilock - encrypt and decrypt with minilock

  •    Javascript

This module is based on the core of the minilock-cli module. It's a node implementation of the miniLock encryption.

salty - Alternative public key encryption using NaCl

  •    Javascript

Salty is a nodejs-powered CLI-based alternative to PGP/GPG using NaCl instead of RSA/DSA. Commits and tags in this repo are signed with GPG key 5FBB 2F98 3862 1AFF.

helm-secrets - A helm plugin that help manage secrets with Git workflow and store them anywhere

  •    Shell

Developed and used in all environments in BaseCRM. We store secrets and values in helm_vars dir structure just like in this repository example dir. All this data versioned in GIT. Working in teams on multiple projects/regions/envs and multiple secrets files at once. We have Makefile in our Helm charts repo to simplify install helm-secrets plugin with helm and other stuff we use. Same Makefile used to rebuild all helm charts with dependencies and some other everyday helpers. Encrypting, Decrypting, Editing secrets on local clones, making #PR's and storing this in our helm charts repo encrypted with PGP, AWS KMS and GCP KMS. Deploying using helm-wrapper from local or from CI with same charts and secrets/values from GIT repository.

synology-decrypt - An open source implementation/description of the Synology Cloud Sync encryption/decryption algorithm

  •    Python

An open source implementation/description of the encryption/decryption algorithm used by Synology NAS products in their Cloud Sync feature, where one can sync data on the NAS to the likes of Google Drive. Synology publishes a closed source tool (see below), but I would like to be know how to decrypt my own data with my own password or private key, in the (unlikely) event that I lose access to both a NAS of this type and the closed source tool.