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Unbox - The easy to use Swift JSON decoder

  •    Swift

Unbox is lightweight, non-magical and doesn't require you to subclass, make your JSON conform to a specific schema or completely change the way you write model code. It can be used on any model with ease.

image - Encoding and decoding images in Rust

  •    Rust

This crate provides basic imaging processing functions and methods for converting to and from image formats. All image processing functions provided operate on types that implement the GenericImage trait and return an ImageBuffer.

base65536 - Unicode's answer to Base64

  •    Javascript

Base65536 is a binary encoding optimised for UTF-32-encoded text. (For transmitting data through Twitter, Base65536 is now considered obsolete; see Base2048.) This JavaScript module, base65536, is the first implementation of this encoding. Base65536 uses only "safe" Unicode code points - no unassigned code points, no whitespace, no control characters, etc..

avsc - Avro for JavaScript :zap:

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript implementation of the Avro specification. avsc is compatible with all versions of node.js since 0.11 and major browsers via browserify (see the full compatibility table here). For convenience, you can also find compiled distributions with the releases (but please host your own copy).

Himotoki - A type-safe JSON decoding library purely written in Swift

  •    Swift

Himotoki (紐解き) is a type-safe JSON decoding library written purely in Swift. This library is highly inspired by the popular Swift JSON parsing libraries: Argo and ObjectMapper. Himotoki has the same meaning of 'decoding' in Japanese.

text-encoding - Polyfill for the Encoding Living Standard's API

  •    Javascript

This is a polyfill for the Encoding Living Standard API for the Web, allowing encoding and decoding of textual data to and from Typed Array buffers for binary data in JavaScript. By default it adheres to the spec and does not support encoding to legacy encodings, only decoding. It is also implemented to match the specification's algorithms, rather than for performance. The intended use is within Web pages, so it has no dependency on server frameworks or particular module schemes.

nilearn - Machine learning for NeuroImaging in Python

  •    HTML

Nilearn is a Python module for fast and easy statistical learning on NeuroImaging data. It leverages the scikit-learn Python toolbox for multivariate statistics with applications such as predictive modelling, classification, decoding, or connectivity analysis.

scodec - Scala combinator library for working with binary data

  •    Scala

Scala combinator library for working with binary data. As a result, the library is implemented as a combinator based DSL. Performance is considered but yields to the above design constraints.

encoding - Go package containing implementations of efficient encoding, decoding, and validation APIs

  •    Go

Go package containing implementations of encoders and decoders for various data formats. At Segment, we do a lot of marshaling and unmarshaling of data when sending, queuing, or storing messages. The resources we need to provision on the infrastructure are directly related to the type and amount of data that we are processing. At the scale we operate at, the tools we choose to build programs can have a large impact on the efficiency of our systems. It is important to explore alternative approaches when we reach the limits of the code we use.

GlideBitmapPool - Glide Bitmap Pool is a memory management library for reusing the bitmap memory

  •    Java

Glide Bitmap Pool is a memory management library for reusing the bitmap memory. As it reuses bitmap memory , so no more GC calling again and again , hence smooth running application. It uses inBitmap while decoding the bitmap on the supported android versions. All the version use-cases has been handled to optimize it better. Glide Bitmap Pool can be included in any Android or Java application.

AnyCodable - Type-erased wrappers for Encodable, Decodable, and Codable values.

  •    Swift

Type-erased wrappers for Encodable, Decodable, and Codable values. This functionality is discussed in Chapter 3 of Flight School Guide to Swift Codable.

Decodify - Detect and decode encoded strings, recursively.

  •    Python

Boom! Thats what Decodify does. It automatically detects the encoding and decodes it and it does that recursively. Warning: Decodify uses third party web services for MD5, SHA1 & SHA2 hash lookups. If you are dealing with sensitive data, you are advised to use the -s option which will prevent Decodify to use these services.

ImSter - Image Steganographer

  •    Java

ImSter is a tool that lets you hide and view encrypted text inside images securely. Text is password encrypted using 256-bit AES and encoded into the pixels of the image themselves rather than any metadata. It is impossible for anyone to tell by eye that there is hidden content within an image.

Rx Live Morse Code Translator

  •    CSharp

Live Morse Code Translation using Reactive Extensions.

Ascii Hex URL Decoder


This tool decodes Ascii Hex encoded data found in URLs used in recent SQL Injection attacks.

pbf - A low-level, lightweight protocol buffers implementation in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

A low-level, fast, ultra-lightweight (3KB gzipped) JavaScript library for decoding and encoding protocol buffers, a compact binary format for structured data serialization. Works both in Node and the browser. Supports lazy decoding and detailed customization of the reading/writing code.If you use webpack as your module bundler, you can use pbf-loader to load .proto files directly. It returns a compiled module ready to be used.

msgpack-rust - MessagePack implementation for Rust / msgpack.org[Rust]

  •    Rust

RMP is a pure Rust MessagePack implementation. This repository consists of three separate crates: the RMP core and two implementations to ease serializing and deserializing Rust structs.

Serpent - A protocol to serialize Swift structs and classes for encoding and decoding.

  •    Swift

Serpent (previously known as Serializable) is a framework made for creating model objects or structs that can be easily serialized and deserialized from/to JSON. It's easily expandable and handles all common data types used when consuming a REST API, as well as recursive parsing of custom objects. Designed for use with Alamofire. It's designed to be used together with our helper app, the Model Boiler, making model creation a breeze.

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