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opa - An open source, general-purpose policy engine.

  •    Go

The Open Policy Agent (OPA) is an open source, general-purpose policy engine that enables unified, context-aware policy enforcement across the entire stack. OPA is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a sandbox level project. If you are an organization that wants to help shape the evolution of technologies that are container-packaged, dynamically-scheduled and microservices-oriented, consider joining the CNCF. For details read the CNCF announcement.

walk - A Windows GUI toolkit for the Go Programming Language

  •    Go

Walk is a "Windows Application Library Kit" for the Go Programming Language. Its primarily useful for Desktop GUI development, but there is some more stuff.

endly - End to end functional test and automation framework

  •    Go

Please refer to CHANGELOG.md if you encounter breaking changes. This library was developed in go lang to enable simple automated declarative end to end functional testing for web application developed in any language.

kubeformation - Create declarative cluster specifications for your managed Kubernetes vendor (GKE, AKS)

  •    Go

Create declarative specifications for your managed Kubernetes cloud vendor (GKE, AKS). With Kubernetes, it becomes possible to start making everything about your application declarative. As cloud vendors start providing managed Kubernetes services, provisioning a Kubernetes cluster via the vendor’s API becomes declarative as well.

gitops-toolkit - Weave GitOps Toolkit

  •    Go

A set of packages to help build Git-backed applications. Weave GitOps Toolkit builds on top of the Kubernetes API Machinery.

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