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Vide - No longer actively maintained.

No longer actively maintained. I am not interested to maintain jQuery plugins anymore. If you have some fixes, feel free to make PR.Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.

FIM Codeless Provisioning Framework

The Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) Metaverse Rules Extension is a standalone extension that allows for administrators to create advanced


The object of this project is to create a library that offers Functional Reactive Programming abilities to common .Net languages. With FRP your calculations automatically respond to changes in the underlying data. Obtics includes a live Object Linq and Linq to Xml.


A plug-in for PostSharp aimed to automate state management in ASP.NET controls. It enables storing field / properties values of controls just by decorating them with custom attribute. One can also decide if he wants to store value in ViewState or ControlState.


A simple means of declaratively specifying options for widgets built with the widget factory.

declarative-js - Declarative async programming with JavaScript

This repository explains how to benefit from tiny functional programming modules to have your async JavaScript more declarative and readable.

EntryPoint - Composable CLI Argument Parser for all modern .Net platforms.

Follows the IEEE Standard closely, but does include common adblibs such as fully named --option style options.Pull requests and suggestions are welcome, and some small tasks are already in the Issues.

Decree - Declarative arguments-resolver

Decree is a declarative arguments-resolver. It saves you time and code when you need to do arguments validation and disambiguation in your APIs.Simply declare the conditions your arguments should hold, such as their types, whether they are optional and their default values. Decree will take care of the rest, and provide you with clean and disambiguated arguments.

attr-bind - 2-way dom element binding

Now the contents of the span tag update as you edit the input box.Return a bind() function. Optionally you can pass in an observable()-style function watcher fn.

attractor - snap together frontend and backend modules with html attributes

Snap together frontend and backend modules with html attributes.Everybody has 2-way binding examples, so here it is. Skip to the next example if you want to see something new.

react-tracking - 🎯 Declarative tracking for React apps.

Read more in the Times Open blog post.@track() expects two arguments, trackingData and options.

sl-ember-behavior - An Ember CLI Addon that provides the ability to define and enforce behaviors, combining the concepts of whether a user has permission to perform an action and whether that action can currently be performed

We use https://waffle.io/softlayer/sl-ember-behavior to work our issues.An Ember CLI Addon that provides the ability to define and enforce behaviors, combining the concepts of whether a user has permission to perform an action and whether that action can currently be performed.

cansecurity - nodejs/expressjs authentication and security library

cansecurity is your all-in-one security library for user authentication management and authorization in node (and specifically expressjs and restify) apps. You can use use authentication, per-route authorization, and even declarative authorization. You can authenticate against any authentication system you like, just provide the interface function.

salt - State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application

State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application. Salt is a state-based JavaScript library that offers unparalleled code organization and unprecedented flow control. No matter how you write code, the event loop sees it as a sequence of functions, invoked over time. Salt provides a simple pattern to describe those sequences, along with an API to control timing. The result is an async-agnostic flow of your functionality, in code, bridging the gap between specification and implementation.

validate-arguments-js - Validate arguments, declarative.

Validate arguments, declarative. The code itself depends on lodash, and will propably run just fine in the browser using require.js.

endly - End to end functional test and automation framework

Please refer to CHANGELOG.md if you encounter breaking changes. This library was developed in go lang to enable simple automated declarative end to end functional testing for web application developed in any language.

pretend - A decorator based http webservice client written in typescript

A decorator based http webservice client build with typescript (inspired bei feign). Note: To work on node.js (server-side) the fetch must be polyfilled. This could easy be done importing isomorphic-fetch.