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toxic - An ncurses-based Tox client

  •    C

Toxic is a Tox-based instant messenging and video chat client. Running Toxic for the first time creates an empty file called toxic.conf in your home configuration directory ("~/.config/tox" for Linux users). Adding options to this file allows you to enable auto-logging, change the time format (12/24 hour), and much more. You can view our example config file here.

PJON - PJON® is an open-source network protocol compatible with Arduino, ESP8266, STM32, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Linux and Windows

  •    C++

PJON® (Padded Jittering Operative Network) is an Arduino compatible, multi-master, multi-media network protocol. It proposes a Standard, it is designed as a framework and implements a totally software emulated network protocol stack that can be easily cross-compiled on many architectures like ATtiny, ATmega, ESP8266, ESP32, STM32, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows x86 and Apple machines. It is a valid tool to quickly and comprehensibly build a network of devices. Visit wiki and documentation to know more about the PJON Standard. Feel free to send a pull request sharing something you have made that could help. If you want to support us you can also try to solve an issue. Thank you for your support.

ZeroTierOne - A Smart Ethernet Switch for Earth

  •    C++

ZeroTier is a smart programmable Ethernet switch for planet Earth. It replaces the physical LAN/WAN boundary with a virtual one, allowing devices of any type at any location to be managed as if they all reside in the same cloud region or data center. All traffic is encrypted end-to-end and takes the most direct path available for minimum latency and maximum performance. The goals and design of ZeroTier are inspired by among other things the original Google BeyondCorp paper and the Jericho Forum.

beaker - An experimental peer-to-peer Web browser

  •    Javascript

Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer Web browser. It adds new APIs for building hostless applications while remaining compatible with the rest of the Web. Visit the website. Please feel free to open usability issues. Join us at #beakerbrowser on Freenode.

stacks - Stacks ecosystem overview.


The Stacks blockchain brings predictable smart contracts and decentralized apps to Bitcoin. >> Read the Stacks 2.0 whitepaper. >> See the Stacks 2.0 overview slides.

pump.io - Social server with an ActivityStreams API

  •    Javascript

pump.io is a stream server that does most of what people really want from a social network. You post anything and my followers see it. It is an alternative to twitter. You can post almost anything that can be represented with activity streams -- short or long text, bookmarks, images, video, audio, events, geo checkins. You can follow friends, create lists of people, and so on.

rust-libp2p - The Rust Implementation of libp2p networking stack.

  •    Rust

This repository is the central place for Rust development of the libp2p spec. This readme will be more fleshed out the closer the project gets to completion. Right now everything including the crate organization is very much Work in Progress.

awesome-humane-tech - Improve society using this list of humane tech projects


This list focuses on (mostly open-source) projects that are directly related to humane tech topics. Please read the guidelines for contributing before sending PR's. This section is for inactive projects that are nonetheless still of interest regarding their topics or code.

awesome-substrate - A curated list of awesome projects and resources related to the Substrate blockchain development framework


An awesome list is a list of awesome things curated by the community. Substrate is a framework for building upgradable, modular and efficient blockchains. Substrate is an open-source library of Rust code that is maintained by Parity Technologies.

p2p-faq - :question: Commonly asked questions about peer-to-peer networks & programs.


N.B. This FAQ focuses on the very nebulous term "p2p system". There's not a single answer that maps exactly to all peer-to-peer systems; this FAQ does its best to provide a general answer when possible, and provide concrete examples where it makes sense.Yes. It is rare to find a p2p service that does not scale. They are distributed systems by design, and most distributed systems are meant to scale. You could say, then, that many distributed systems take cues from p2p systems in order to scale properly. As a good example, Skype was built by the same engineers who built Kazaa, and Skype internally used p2p distribution in order to alleviate the load from any single node, and to save costs. Bittorrent also thrives in situations where there are a high number of peers.

hyperfeed - decentralized rss publishing

  •    Javascript

Hyperfeed is a self-archiving P2P live feed. You can convert any RSS/ATOM/RDF feed to a P2P live update publishing network. The public key identifying the feed.

hyperidentity - 🌏 🆔 Decentralized Identity

  •    Javascript

Hyperidentity tried to solve the core problem of centralized web services: vendor lock-in, data-ownership, and single-point-of-failure. check out test/signup.js, test/service.js, and example to see how to implement a web service accepting hyperidentity.

ethereum-webpack-example-dapp - Template for Ethereum (Solidity) smart contract decentralized app (dapp) and test suite with Webpack

  •    Javascript

Once webpack build is done, open index.html in your favorite web browser. Webpack is now started in --watch mode, any changes done at JavaScript or Solidity files would automatically rebuild the affected modules.

armadietto - RS server based on node.js

  •    Javascript

Please do not consider armadietto production ready, this project is still considered experimental. As with any alpha-stage storage technology, you MUST expect that it will eat your data and take precautions against this. You SHOULD expect that its APIs and storage schemas will change before it is labelled stable. Armadietto is a RemoteStorage server written for Node.js.

go-spacemesh - Go Implementation of the Spacemesh blockmesh p2p node. 💾⏰💪

  •    Go

💾⏰💪 Thanks for your interest in this open source project. This is the go implementation of the Spacemesh p2p node. Spacemesh is a decentralized blockchain computer using a new race-free consensus protocol that doesn't involve energy-wasteful proof of work. We aim to create a secure and scalable decentralized computer formed by a large number of desktop PCs at home. We are designing and coding a modern blockchain platform from the ground up for scale, security and speed based on the learnings of the achievements and mistakes of previous projects in this space. To learn more about Spacemesh head over to our wiki.

nkn - NKN blockchain system in Golang

  •    Go

NKN, short for New Kind of Network, is a project aiming to rebuild the Internet that will be truly open, decentralized, dynamic, safe, shared and owned by the community. The core of the NKN network consists of many connected nodes distributed globally. Every node is only connected to and aware of a few other nodes called neighbors. Packets can be transmitted from any node to any other node in an efficient and verifiable route. Data can be sent to any clients without public or static IP address using their permanent NKN address with end-to-end encryption.

elld - Ellcrys Network Client

  •    Go

Elld is the official client implemention of the Ellcrys protocol specification. It will allow users run and maintain a full network node that is capable of performing all the operations described in the whitepaper. The project is actively being developed and not ready for production use. To learn more about the Ellcry project, visit our website and blog. Cryptocurrency: On complemetion of this task, the client will be able to join the network, mine blocks, transfer the native coin, achieve consensus using Bitcoin's Nakamoto consensus and provide a Javascript environment for constructing custom behaviours and interacting with the client.

smartpool-client - SmartPool client of SmartPool project

  •    Go

Smartpool is live on Ropsten testnet. This repository consists of the client software. The smart contract repository is here. The client is currently tested only on Mac OS and Ubuntu.

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