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gdbgui - Browser-based frontend to gdb (gnu debugger)

  •    Javascript

A modern, browser-based frontend to gdb (gnu debugger). Add breakpoints, view stack traces, and more in C, C++, Go, and Rust! Simply run gdbgui from the terminal and a new tab will open in your browser. gdbgui is easy to get started with yet supports scripting, and has terminal access while keeping the user interface in lock step with the underlying gdb process.

Byebug - Debugging in Ruby 2

  •    Ruby

Byebug is a simple to use, feature rich debugger for Ruby. It uses the TracePoint API for execution control and the Debug Inspector API for call stack navigation, so it doesn't depend on internal core sources. It's developed as a C extension, so it's fast. And it has a full test suite so it's reliable.

rr - Record and Replay Framework. An alternative to GDB

  •    C++

rr is a lightweight tool for recording, replaying and debugging execution of applications (trees of processes and threads). Debugging extends gdb with very efficient reverse-execution, which in combination with standard gdb/x86 features like hardware data watchpoints, makes debugging much more fun. You can record a failure once, then debug the recording, deterministically, as many times as you want. The same execution is replayed every time.

VSDebugPro - Enhanced debugging for C/C++. Dump blocks of data, load data in memory

  •    CSharp

VSDebugPro is a Visual Studio extension for Visual C/C++ that adds several useful debugging utilities such as dumping raw blocks of memory to a file without changing program code, loading binary data from a file to a specific memory location, allocating new memory in the debugged process, and more.

bo - The Swiss army knife of data examination and manipulation

  •    C

The Swiss army knife of data examination and manipulation. This is the tool to use when you need to visualize or convert data in different formats.

bugsnag-php - Bugsnag error monitoring and error reporting for PHP apps

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag error reporter for PHP gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your PHP applications. Learn more about automatic PHP error reporting with Bugsnag. Includes error monitoring and error reporting support for Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Silex, Magento, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Wordpress, and other PHP apps.

bugsnag-react-native - Error monitoring and reporting for native exceptions and JS errors in React Native apps

  •    Javascript

Automatic React Native crash reporting with Bugsnag helps you detect both native OS and JavaScript errors in your React Native apps. All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test and release bugsnag-react-native, see our contributing guide.

wbscope - A wishbone controlled scope for FPGA's

  •    Verilog

This is a generic/library routine for providing a bus accessed 'scope' or (perhaps more appropriately) a bus accessed logic analyzer for use internal to an FPGA. The general operation is such that this 'scope' can record and report on any 32 bit value transiting through the FPGA that you have connected to the scope. Once started and reset, the scope records a copy of the input data every time the clock ticks with the circuit enabled. That is, it records these values up until the trigger. Once the trigger goes high, the scope will record for bw_holdoff more counts before stopping. Values may then be read from the buffer, oldest to most recent. After reading, the scope may then be reset for another run. The Wishbone scope was featured on zipcpu.com as a conclusion to the discussion of the example debugging bus. That example discussed how to hook up the scope to your logic, as well as how to employ the scope software to create a VCD file that could then be viewed in GTKWave. The scope was also mentioned as a means of capturing traces of button bounces, with the short discussion of how to set it up for that task here.

bugsnag-silex - The Bugsnag middleware for Silex. Monitor and report errors in your Silex PHP apps.

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag Notifier for Silex gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your Silex PHP applications. We support both Silex 1 and 2. Learn more about monitoring and reporting errors in your Silex PHP apps with Bugsnag. All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test, and release, see our contributing guide.

bugsnag-vue - Vue.js integration for bugsnag-js

  •    Javascript

A bugsnag-js plugin for Vue.js. This package enables you to integrate Bugsnag's error reporting with a Vue.js application at a detailed level. It creates and configures a Vue ErrorHandler which will capture and report unhandled errors in your app.

bugsnag-wordpress - Bugsnag error monitoring for WordPress sites

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag Notifier for WordPress gives you instant notification of errors in your WordPress sites. Bugsnag captures errors in real-time from your web, mobile and desktop applications, helping you to understand and resolve them as fast as possible. Create a free account to start capturing errors from your applications. Learn more about error monitoring and error reporting with Bugsnag.

pos - Macro based print debugging. Locates debug statements in your IDE.

  •    Scala

pos, short for position, is a hyperlink based print debugging library designed to work with any IDE or text editor that supports stack trace highlighting. Using compile-time macros in Scala to extract file names and line numbers, pos makes your print statements, assertions, and log statements easier to locate. Use it to append a "smart" hyperlink to your sourcecode, avoiding the need to "grep" or use "Ctr + F" to locate print statements. Use pos instead of System.out.println or System.err.println. ^ Clicking on the compile-time generated file name and line number will cause you to jump to that line in your source code.

honeybadger-react - Official React integration for Honeybadger.io :zap:

  •    Javascript

For comprehensive documentation and support, check out our documentation site. The goal is to provide an idiomatic, simple integration of Honeybadger's exception monitoring service with React.js applications.

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