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gdbgui - Browser-based frontend to gdb (gnu debugger)

  •    Javascript

A modern, browser-based frontend to gdb (gnu debugger). Add breakpoints, view stack traces, and more in C, C++, Go, and Rust! Simply run gdbgui from the terminal and a new tab will open in your browser. gdbgui is easy to get started with yet supports scripting, and has terminal access while keeping the user interface in lock step with the underlying gdb process.

Expression Tree Visualizer for VS 2010


The entire project is a "visualizer" that displays the expression tree nodes and node attributes. only important attributes are selected to be appended to the visualization tree in order to keep it simple and useful.

CAB WorkItem Visualizations Tool


CAB WorkItem Visualizations tool is upgrade to Sample Visualizations. this Visualizations show the WorkItem hierarchy, Worksapce, SmartPart, Command, Events, State and Items.

WCF Visualizers Tool


Visual Studio 2005 shipped with a very nice feature called debugger visualizers. In accordance with their names, debugger visualizers allow you to visually view useful information about objects during debug. WCF Visualizers Tool contain number of visualizers: 1. Message Visuali



Debug Visualizers for web development. Currently only shows ServerVariables, Form Data, Querystring, Application State and Session State

Entity Visualizers


This project has debugger visualizers for several objects in the Entity Framework: EntityObject, EntityCollection, ObjectQuery and ObjectContext. Some of the source code is based on code from Julie Lerman's book "Programming Entity Framework".

VS2010 Image Debugger Visualizer

  •    CSharp

This Visual Studio debugger visualizer targets Visual Studio 2010. It enables you to debug any image resource by allowing you to preview the image and get some additional information about the image (such as image resolution).

Sharepoint debug visualizer


Few tools to help the wss development (debugging) process. Visual Studio 2005, 2008

Brush Visualizer

  •    WPF

A Visual Studio debugger visualizer that displays the content of WPF brush instances during debugging. It supports all WPF brushes, including VisualBrush and DrawingBrush.

TPL DataFlow Debugger Visualizer


Graphic debugger visualizer to TPL DataFlow networks enable to see live state of blocks and relations Compatible with VS 2012 RC

Code for Rapid C# Windows Development eBook + LINQPad and Data Tools

  •    CSharp

The worked example in Joseph Chancellor's book 'Rapid C# Windows Development' which uses LLBLGen Pro with the Adventure Works database. It also contains an Enumerable Debugger Visualizer, Databound TreeView control, LINQPad DataEditor, Data Browser and LLBL Data Context driver.

tensorwatch - Debugging, monitoring and visualization for Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

  •    Jupyter

TensorWatch is a debugging and visualization tool designed for deep learning and reinforcement learning. It fully leverages Jupyter Notebook to show real time visualizations and offers unique capabilities to query the live training process without having to sprinkle logging statements all over. You can also use TensorWatch to build your own UIs and dashboards. In addition, TensorWatch leverages several excellent libraries for visualizing model graph, review model statistics, explain prediction and so on. TensorWatch is under heavy development with a goal of providing a research platform for debugging machine learning in one easy to use, extensible and hackable package.


  •    PHP

debug is a single function for visually analything / logging complex deep level objects and arrays.

davis - Assembly debugger written in Angular 2.

  •    TypeScript

This tool allows writing, running and debugging x86 assembly in the browser. It visualizes the program state (cpu and memory), supports breakpoints and enables line-by-line stepping. You can try it online here.

winpdb - Fork of the official winpdb with improvements

  •    Python

I started porting winpdb-reborn to Python 3 / Phoenix but the amount of effort exceeds my availability. So: WINPDB ON PYTHON 3 IS BUGGY AND NOT WORKING. Winpdb Reborn is a portable (Windows / Linux) standalone graphical debugger for Python. It focuses on making debugging easy and does not include any IDE features. It works on both Python 2 and 3 and has very little dependencies (only WxPython for the GUI).

SCNNodeVisualDebugger - A simple visual debugger for SceneKit

  •    Swift

A simple tool for showing local and pivot coordinate system of SCNNode. Initially created during experiments with ARKit + SceneKit.

diagnostics - Alternative to Python's module `cgitb` with template inspired by http://nette

  •    Python

Module for logging of detailed traceback as HTML page. Unexpected exceptions are catched and logged for further audit. Exceptions in diagnostic's exception handler are properly handled and logged (but formatted only as standard Python traceback). Usage is simple as code below. There is even support for logging in diagnostics. Class diagnostics.logging.FileHandler creates files with detailed traceback and log messages are appended to the file info.log in directory with logged tracebacks.

storyboard - Flutter Storyboard

  •    Dart

A Flutter Debug tool to see and test all your screens at once. Wrap your MaterialApp with Storyboard.

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