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Repeat - Modern Timer in Swift, Debouncer and Throttler (alternative to NSTimer)

  •    Swift

Repeat is small lightweight alternative to NSTimer with a modern Swift Syntax, no strong references, multiple observers reusable instances. Repeat is based upon GCD - Grand Central Dispatch. It also support debouncer and throttler features. If you want to learn more about it check out my article on Medium: "The secret world of NSTimer".

SimpleStateManager - A responsive state manager which allows you to run different javascript at different browser widths

  •    Javascript

Simple State Manager (SSM for short) is a javascript state manager for responsive websites. It is built to be light weight, has no dependencies (except javascript of course) and aims to be really easy to simply drop into your project ready to use. As a state manager, SSM allows you to target different javascript towards different states of your site. It allows you to define as many states as your site requires and allows you to have independent Enter, Leave and Resize events for each of the states.

MessageThrottle - A lightweight Objective-C message throttle and debounce library.

  •    Objective-C

MessageThrottle is a lightweight, simple library for controlling frequency of forwarding Objective-C messages. You can choose to control existing methods per instance or per class. It's an implementation of function throttle/debounce developed with Objective-C runtime. For a visual explaination of the differences between throttling and debouncing, see this demo. To run the example project, clone the repo and run MTDemo target.

p-debounce - Debounce promise-returning & async functions

  •    Javascript

Returns a function that delays calling fn until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time it was called.Promise-returning/async function.

debounce-fn - Debounce a function

  •    Javascript

Returns a debounced function that delays calling the input function until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time the debounced function was called.It comes with a .cancel() method to cancel any scheduled input function calls.

rate-limit - Meteor package to rate-limit a function by queuing up calls (instead of dropping them like throttle or debounce)

  •    Javascript

Easily rate-limit a function to run no more often than every X miliseconds, by queuing up calls. All calls will be eventually executed, unlike throttling or debouncing, which drop extra calls. This is useful for API clients, web crawling, or other tasks that need to wait at least some amount of time between calls, but for which throttling per se (dropping calls) is unacceptable.

monocle-decorators.js - :tophat: Classy decorators

  •    Javascript

Tiny library with most common/useful decorators. Think of it as underscore.js, but with class. Extends decorated class with all enumerable properties from ArrayOfMixins passed as argument.

react-debounce-render - A React higher order component to debounce the rendering of your React components

  •    Javascript

react-debounce-render is a Higher Order Component that wraps your react components and debounces their rendering. This method can be used to prevent extra renders when a react component rapidly receives new props by delaying the triggering of the render until updates become less frequent. Doing so will improve the overall rendering time of the application, thus improve the user experience. It uses lodash debounce under the hood.

es6-promise-debounce - Debounce ES6 Promises

  •    Javascript

ensure a Promise-returning function is not called until it hasn't been called for a certain amount of time. and others.

vue-rawmodel - RawModel.js plugin for Vue.js v2. Form validation has never been easier!

  •    TypeScript

This plugin integrates RawModel.js framework into your Vue.js application. RawModel.js is a simple framework which provides a strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling. It has a rich API which significantly simplifies server-side and client-side data validation and manipulation. Because it's an unopinionated framework it flawlessly integrates with popular modules like vuex, apollo-client and other related libraries.

throttle-debounce - Throttle and debounce functions.

  •    Javascript

Throttle and debounce functions. This module is the same as jquery-throttle-debounce (with some differences), but it’s transferred to ES Modules and CommonJS format.

redux-debounce - FSA-compliant middleware for Redux to debounce actions.

  •    Javascript

FSA-compliant middleware for Redux to debounce actions. Debounce middleware should be placed near the top of the chain.

glob-watcher - Watch globs and execute a function upon change, with intelligent defaults for debouncing and queueing

  •    Javascript

Watch globs and execute a function upon change, with intelligent defaults for debouncing and queueing. Takes a path string, an array of path strings, a glob string or an array of glob strings as globs to watch on the filesystem. Also optionally takes options to configure the watcher and a fn to execute when a file changes.

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