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grml-debootstrap - wrapper around debootstrap

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This tool is a wrapper suite around debootstrap and cdebootstrap to ease installation of a pure Debian system. Configuration can be done on the command line, in a dialog frontend or in /etc/debootstrap/config. You will get a pure Debian system installed on the specified device or directory, or directly into an image file suitable for Virtual Machine use.

pieman - Script for creating custom OS images for single-board computers

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Pieman is a script for creating custom OS images for single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi. The images are based on Alpine and Debian-based distributions such as Devuan, Raspbian and Ubuntu. The authors of Pieman were inspired by the project named rpi23-gen-image. The main reason why it was decided to create a new project instead of improving the existing one is that rpi23-gen-image is intended for creating images only for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 based on Debian GNU/Linux. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a way to be extended to support different operating systems and single-board computers. Improving the situation would require significant efforts to rework the codebase of the project. First, get the latest Pieman Docker image from Docker Hub.

nx-desktop - Meta package for Nitrux to install NX Desktop.

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This repository contains the source to create the nx-desktop metapackage. If you find problems with the contents of this repository please create an issue.

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