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bottleneck - Task scheduler and rate limiter

  •    Javascript

Bottleneck is a lightweight and efficient Task Scheduler and Rate Limiter for Node.js and the browser. When dealing with services with limited resources, it's important to ensure that they don't become overloaded.Bottleneck is an easy solution as it does not add much complexity to your code.

eEx Network Library

  •    DotNet

The eEx Network Library contains many classes for monitoring, analyzing, parsing and also changing network traffic. It is basically around WinPcap/LibPcap and provides a framework to write own functions and plug-ins.



Send infinite requests to specified URL target; join with others to wage distributed denial of service attacks against the deserving and overly self-serving.

curiefense - Curiefense is a unified, open source platform protecting cloud native applications.

  •    TypeScript

Curiefense is a new application security platform, which protects sites, services, and APIs. It extends Envoy proxy to defend against a variety of threats, including SQL and command injection, cross site scripting (XSS), account takeovers (ATOs), application-layer DDoS, remote file inclusion (RFI), API abuse, and more. There are many ways to get involved with Curiefense.

gatekeeper - First open source DDoS protection system

  •    C

Note: Both libmnl0 and libmnl-dev are needed to compile and run gatekeeper, but only libmnl0 is needed for simply running gatekeeper. To use DPDK, make sure you have all of the environmental requirements: http://dpdk.org/doc/guides/linux_gsg/sys_reqs.html#running-dpdk-applications.

rim - Agentless network interfaces monitor for GNU/Linux firewalls/servers

  •    Go

Command line tool to get status of remote network interfaces on linux servers. It's like a vmstat for remote NICs. On a multicore machine can concurrently handle hundreds of servers per time, fast.

ddos-stress - nodejs ddos stress app

  •    Javascript

Do not use this module ta attack servers and services you don't own! It is only for testing purposes and not for unauthorized actions.

flowspy - GRNET Firewall on Demand platform. Powers

  •    Javascript

NETCONF is chosen as the mgmt protocol to apply rules to a single flowspec capable device. Rules are then propagated via igbp to all flowspec capable routers. Of course FoD could apply rules directly (via NETCONF always) to a router and then ibgp would do the rest. In GRNET's case the flowspec capable device is an EX4200. Attention: Make sure your FoD server has SSH access to your flowspec device.

AmpliSpy - Check local or remote list of DNS servers for suitability in DNS Amplification DoS.

  •    Python

Check local or remote list of DNS servers for suitability in DNS Amplification DoS. AmpliSpy checks a list of name server IPs to see if a server responds for a zone for which it is none authoritative. You can provide the program with a local list of name server IPs or you can set the --remote option to fetch a list of name servers from public-dns.info.

uzakel - Verimerkezleri Arası IP Engelleme Sistemi

  •    Go

Kendi IP adresini anons eden network sahipleri, kendilerine ait IP adreslerini sisteme bağlı diğer network sahipleri üzerinde null route yapabilmesini sağlamaktır. İş sürekliliğini üst düzeyde tutmak üzere planlanan yapıda, spoof dahil ağlar arası kirli trafik her iki network sahibinde engellenmiş olur.

bloom - :cherry_blossom: HTTP REST API caching middleware, to be used between load balancers and REST API workers

  •    Rust

Bloom is a REST API caching middleware, acting as a reverse proxy between your load balancers and your REST API workers. It is completely agnostic of your API implementation, and requires minimal changes to your existing API code to work.

node-fast-ratelimit - :umbrella: Fast and efficient in-memory rate-limit for Node, used to alleviate most common DOS attacks

  •    Javascript

Fast and efficient in-memory rate-limit, used to alleviate most common DOS attacks. This rate-limiter was designed to be as generic as possible, usable in any NodeJS project environment, regardless of wheter you're using a framework or just vanilla code.

2016LYKAgGuvenligiveSizmaTestleri - Network Security Notes :umbrella:

  •    Python

Türkiye'de yapılan Siber Güvenlik eğitimleri ile ilgili hazırlanmış diğer notlara erişmek için; bu gist'e göz atabilirsiniz.

camerattack - An attack tool designed to remotely disable CCTV camera streams (like in spy movies)

  •    Go

Simply run it and provide it the RTSP stream URL as a parameter. Depending on your network speed and the camera you're trying to shutdown, it might work sooner or later, or might not work. It simply does lots of requests really quickly on the device, hoping that it will crash because of a memory leak or some mistakes in its firmware's code.

DDoS - DDoS attack. Creating infinite http GET requests.

  •    Go

DDoS attack. Creating infinite http GET requests. If you need more information, then please see wiki. Library created just for education task.

simple-ddos - 💀 Multi-threaded DDoS script

  •    Javascript

SimpleDDoS is a tiny Denial Of Service module with multi-threading support using cluster. Author of the module is not responsible for any illegal actions. This module was written for testing and educational purposes.

DDoS - DDoS'in your friend has never been easier!

  •    Go

A DDoS program written in golang, this is made for learning purpose, using it may cause you troubles. Every contribution is accepted as long as it's clear, clean and original.

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