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ddd-guestbook - A DDD guestbook example written for ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

A series of labs for workshops given by Steve Smith / @ardalis for clients and conference attendees. Starts from the Clean Architecture repo, here: https://github.com/ardalis/CleanArchitecture Last updated October 2017 for .NET Core 2.0. See also Steve's ASP.NET Core Quick Start course from DevIQ.

clean-architecture-manga - Clean Architecture service template for your Microservice with DDD, TDD and SOLID using

  •    CSharp

Manga is a Service Template to help you to build evolvable, adaptable and maintainable applications. It follows the Clean Architecture Principles (Robert C. Martin, 2017) and Domain-Driven Design. Tests guided us on the implementation so all the components are testable in isolation. Unfortunately remain very common that applications are built on top of frameworks and databases. I see that developers usually implement software that mimics the data tables instead of design software driven by the business domain. As time goes by, the software becomes highly coupled to these external details and what happens next is the application evolution been dictated by the vendors support.

ddd-tdd-rich-domain-model-dojo-kata - Rich Domain with DDD patterns and TDD (.NET Core / Standard)

  •    CSharp

We designed the Finance Domain using Aggregate Roots, Entities and Value Objects and we covered the uses cases with Unit Tests, run them in your first time here. The Domain and Unit Tests projects were implemented with .NET, the classes are as closed as possible. Build a Domain from tests using DDD Building Blocks like Aggregate Roots, Entities and Value Objects with the help of kata-initial folder files.

symfony-ddd-wishlist - Wishlist, a sample application on Symfony 3 and Vue.js built with DDD in mind

  •    PHP

I'm still working on the project, so some things can be unimplemented yet. This repository serves as an implementation of DDD, domain driven design, with usage of Symfony 3, PostgreSQL, and Redis as a backend and Vue.js/Sass as a frontend. The project is heavily inspired by DDD Cargo Sample in PHP.

nlayerappv3 - Domain Driven Design (DDD) N-LayeredArchitecture with .Net Core 2

  •    CSharp

This N-Layered Architecture with .Net Core 2.1 project (NLayerAppV3) is retro rebuild new code project based on DDD N-LayeredArchitecture Version 2. It contains all DDD Layers where the developer and software architect may reuse to implement a .Net Core WebApi (Version 2.1) for Banking and Blog Contexts. Why to use .NET Core 2.1? We need to use this version because of EF Core Complex Types - Value Object implementation (OwnsOne) and TransactionScope implementation using in Application Layer. This project is a tribute to the recent visit to Madrid of Cesar de la Torre in order to give us an amazing conference called 'Microservices Architectures' [https://geeks.ms/plainnews/2017/05/04/microservices-architectures/]. Browse to http://localhost:5000/ to see the result.

tania-core - Tania is farm management system to help farmers to manage their farm.

  •    Go

Tania is a free and open source farming management system for everyone. You can manage your areas, reservoirs, farm tasks, inventories, and the crop growing progress. To get the stable release, you can clone from the master branch or from the release tab.

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