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ralph - Ralph is an asset management system for your data center and back office.

  •    Python

Ralph is full-featured Asset Management, DCIM and CMDB system for data center and back office.It is an Open Source project provided on Apache v2.0 License.

netbox - IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.

  •    Python

NetBox is an IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool. Initially conceived by the network engineering team at DigitalOcean, NetBox was developed specifically to address the needs of network and infrastructure engineers. NetBox runs as a web application atop the Django Python framework with a PostgreSQL database. For a complete list of requirements, see requirements.txt. The code is available on GitHub.

ansible-role-netbox - Ansible Role: NetBox


An Ansible Role that installs on Debian/Ubuntu. This role install all dependencies required by NetBox including the PostgreSQL database. So it can be used to setup a NetBox appliance including everything in the same machine.

serveradmin - Central server database management system of InnoGames

  •    Python

Serveradmin is central server database management system of InnoGames. It has a HTTP web interface and a HTTP JSON API. Check out the documentation or watch this FOSDEM 19 talk for a deepdive how InnoGames works with serveradmin. The project is released under the MIT License. The MIT License is registered with and approved by the Open Source Initiative.

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