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zK++ is a personal but open source program fully compatible with Direct Connect network that has many features of other clients - totally made for the fun of it. Its development is composed and carefully kept for three independent and parallel projects.

marvel-characters - :boom: all Marvel comic book characters

  •    Javascript

A list of all public comic book character names in the Marvel universe, sourced from the API.Total Characters: 1,252 Last Updated: Sunday, July 19th, 2015.

histogram-pretty - Create callback functions that bin your data into histogram buckets

  •    Javascript

Histogram Pretty was built to identify reasonable histogram bucket sizing for charting applications. It tries to follow a combination of the R base graphics histogram logic and D3. I've chosen the Freedman and Diaconis (1981) Rule, which limits the influence of outliers in bucket width selection. This seems to significantly improve binning for dynamic charting where the data is often filtered into irregular subsets. copy If truthy, will copy the array with vector.slice() prior to internally sorting the vector. It is true by default, but if mutability is acceptable can be set to true.

xfilter - arbitrary backend <-> crossfilter bridge

  •    Javascript

Currently the query engine supported is Nanocubes (this library was originally called "nanofilter"): use xf.engine(xfilter.nanocube_queries) to connect with a Nanocubes server (demo). The intent is that this library can be generalized to support any query engine.

dcplot.js - A ggplot-like API for dc.js

  •    Javascript

dcplot.js offers an embedded domain specific language (EDSL) for creating multidimensional charts using d3.js, crossfilter, and dc.js. Its aim is to provide a tool for Exploratory Data Analysis in the browser. Although dc.js nicely encapsulates the powerful but challenging d3.js library, there are still a lot of chart parameters, many of which can be defaulted or inferred from other parameters or from the data. And it is easy to make a mistake and end up with no output. It is more appropriate for presentation than exploration.

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