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go-systemd - Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal, D-Bus, and unit files

  •    Go

Using the pure-Go journal package you can submit journal entries directly to systemd's journal, taking advantage of features like indexed key/value pairs for each log entry. The sdjournal package provides read access to the journal by wrapping around journald's native C API; consequently it requires cgo and the journal headers to be available.The machine1 package allows interaction with the systemd machined D-Bus API.

stratisd - Easy to use local storage management for Linux.

  •    Rust

A daemon that manages a pool of block devices to create flexible filesystems. March 8 2018: Stratis 0.5 released. See release notes for details.

taffybar - A gtk based status bar for tiling window managers such as XMonad

  •    Haskell

Taffybar is a gtk+3 (through gi-gtk) based desktop information bar, intended primarily for use with XMonad, though it can also function alongside other EWMH compliant window managers. It is similar in spirit to xmobar, but it differs in that it gives up some simplicity for a reasonable helping of eye candy. Taffybar has a number of non-haskell dependencies. It is recommended that you follow the installation instructions for haskell-gi before attempting to install taffybar.

mpris-service - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js implementation for the MPRIS D-Bus Interface Specification to create a mediaplayer service.Examples are available in examples/.

zabbix-module-systemd - Native systemd monitoring for Zabbix

  •    C

Zabbix module that enables Zabbix to query the systemd D-Bus API for native and granular system state monitoring + relative cgroup (CPU, MEM, IO, ...) metrics.Configure Zabbix agent to load module libzbxsystemd.so.

lua-systemd - Systemd bindings for Lua

  •    C

This library is for working with systemd from scripts and daemons written in Lua.Where necessary, the low level libsystemd functions have been bound in C. Higher level functions with more idiomatic lua semantics are written in Lua on top of these C primitives.

go-keyring - Cross-platform keyring interface for Go

  •    Go

go-keyring is an OS-agnostic library for setting, getting and deleting secrets from the system keyring. It supports OS X, Linux (dbus) and Windows.go-keyring was created after its authors searched for, but couldn't find, a better alternative. It aims to simplify using statically linked binaries, which is cumbersome when relying on C bindings (as other keyring libraries do).

node-mpris - Control you media player with node.js!

  •    Javascript

This is a node.js implementation of MPRIS (Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification) a spec that describes a standard D-Bus interface for making media players available in other applications and/or other programming languages.

dbus-native - D-bus protocol client and server for node.js written in native javascript

  •    Javascript

D-bus protocol client and server for node.js written in native javascript

dbusfs - FUSE filesystem exposing dbus objects

  •    Javascript

Exposes DBus services, objects, interfaces, methods and properies as filesystem objects. Implemented using node-dbus node.js library and fuse4js FUSE node.js bindings. First element in the path is always path name, then one or more elements of object path, then interface name, then interface member (method, property or signal).

notify - notify is a go dbus implementation for delivering desktop notifications over dbus

  •    Go

It can deliver notifications to desktop using dbus communication, ala how libnotify does it. It has so far only been testing with gnome and gnome-shell 3.16/3.18 in Arch Linux. Please note notify is still in a very early change and no APIs are locked until a 1.0 is released.

eyerest - 通过定时锁定屏幕,提醒用户休息的软件

  •    C


kdeconnect-chrome-extension - A browser extension to send pages and content from your browser to connected KDE Connect devices

  •    Javascript

A Chrome (and compatible) browser extension to send pages and content from your browser to connected KDE Connect devices, via browser action or context menu. Update: As of v0.1.0 the browser extension and installer now also supports Firefox.

xmonad-log - DBus monitor for xmonad log events.

  •    Go

xmonad-log is a DBus monitoring solution that can easily be used to display xmonad in a statusbar like polybar, lemonbar and similar. xmonad-log is written in Go with one dependency: dbus. Binary packages are available.

usblockout - USBLockout monitors your user session and triggers Grsecurity Deny New USB feature.

  •    Go

You're in a place that is relatively safe, say your local hackerspace. You need to leave your computer out of sight for a small amount of time, the space is safe enough that you are not worried about it being stolen, but not enough that someone couldn't attempt a quick drive-by USB attack. This program provides a way to toggle Grsecurity Deny New USB feature with the state of a user session. That is, it will automatically enable the feature when the screen is locked or the session exits, and vice versa.

NetworkManager-WiFi-WebUI - Web interface (python2/twisted) for NetworkManager daemon to manage WiFi connections

  •    Python

Simple web (http/browser) interface for NetworkManager daemon to manage WiFi connections. Designed to work with JS enabled or not, dynamically updating through websockets (though currently xhr-streaming transport is forced, see notes below), http streaming, long-poll, jsonp or whatever other mechanism SockJS supports, if possible.

openvpn3-linux - OpenVPN 3 Linux client

  •    C++

This is the next generation OpenVPN client for Linux. This code is very different from the more classic OpenVPN 2.x versions. This client depends on D-Bus to function. The implementation tries to resolve a lot of issues related to privilege separation and that the VPN tunnel can still access information needed by the front-end user which starts a tunnel.

yags - Go powered statusline generator

  •    Go

This program provides a simple configurable satatusline generator. It passes the formatted status line each time when callbacks from plugging is received. Unlike conky, yags prints satatusline only when status really changed and not overloads disk with useless executions. By the way it is possible to configure plugins to implement the conky behavior of execution any command with constant pause.