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ClickHouse - Column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time

  •    C++

ClickHouse is a fast open-source OLAP database management system. It is column-oriented and allows to generate analytical reports using SQL queries in real-time. Large queries are parallelized using multiple cores, taking all the necessary resources available on the current server. It supports distributed processing, data can reside on different shards. Each shard can be a group of replicas used for fault tolerance. All shards are used to run a query in parallel, transparently for the user.

Liquibase - Source control for your Database

  •    Java

Liquibase is a database-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database schema changes. It s main functionality includes Database refactoring, Update database to current version, Versioned approach to maintain schema, Database diff report, Rollback database changes to particular date/time and lot more.

SQL Operations Studio - Data management tool that enables working with SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and SQL DW

  •    TypeScript

SQL Operations Studio is a data management tool that enables you to work with SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and SQL DW from Windows, macOS and Linux. Its feature include SQL Server Connection Management with Connection Dialog, Server Groups, Azure Integration and Registered Servers, T-SQL Query Editor with advanced coding features such as autosuggestions, error diagnostics, tooltips, formatting and peek definition, Management Dashboard supporting customizable widgets with drill-through actionable insights and lot more.

OmniDB - Web tool for database management

  •    Python

OmniDB is a browser-based tool that simplifies database management focusing on interactivity, designed to be powerful and lightweight. It supports Tree view showing database structure, Powerful table creation, Syntax highlighting for SQL, SQL code completion for table columns and subquery, Graphs displaying complete ER diagram, Visualization of explain plan and lot more.

TablePlus - Report bug/request new feature


This repository is currently being used for hosting the official issue & bug tracker of TablePlus. Report bugs/request new feature: issues.

sql_exporter - Database agnostic SQL exporter for Prometheus

  •    Go

Database agnostic SQL exporter for Prometheus. SQL Exporter is a configuration driven exporter that exposes metrics gathered from DBMSs, for use by the Prometheus monitoring system. Out of the box, it provides support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Clickhouse, but any DBMS for which a Go driver is available may be monitored after rebuilding the binary with the DBMS driver included.

DBreeze - C# ACID NoSql embedded object database management system.

  •    DotNet

Professional, open-source, NoSql (embedded Key/Value storage), transactional, ACID-compliant, multi-threaded object DBMS for C# .NET 3.5> MONO.

Skytable - Your next NoSQL database

  •    Rust

Skytable is an effort to provide the best of key/value stores, document stores and columnar databases, that is, simplicity, flexibility and queryability at scale. The name 'Skytable' exemplifies our vision to create a database that has limitless possibilities. It is natively multithreaded and scales to millions of queries per second per node with no optimizations left off the table. The database server doesn't need more than 1MB to run.

node-client-api - The MarkLogic Node.js Client API

  •    Javascript

The MarkLogic Node.js Client API provides access to the MarkLogic database from Node.js applications. The documentation is generated in a doc subdirectory. The documentation can also be accessed online here.

cubrid - CUBRID is a comprehensive open source relational database management system highly optimized for Web Applications

  •    C

CUBRID is a comprehensive open source relational database management system highly optimized for Web Applications.

cubrid-manual - Documentation for CUBRID RDBMS

  •    Assembly

Precaution to edit files. Please don't use tab character. Change your editor setting that "change tab as spaces". 1 tab should be 4 spaces.

DelvrIT - Ware house inventory management system in Django

  •    Python

Ware house inventory management system in Django

igor - igor is an abstraction layer for PostgreSQL with a gorm like syntax.

  •    Go

igor is an abstraction layer for PostgreSQL, written in Go. Igor syntax is (almost) compatible with GORM. You should use igor when your DBMS is PostgreSQL and you want to place an abstraction layer on top of it and do CRUD operations in a smart, easy, secure and fast way.

dbms-project-parliament-elections - This project is a online voting system which serves the full functionality of Parliament Elections conducted in an institute

  •    Python

This project is a online voting system which serves the full functionality of Parliament Elections conducted in an institute. It is Django Framework in Python and RDBMS is built in MySQL. Open readme.pdf and Requirements.pdf for more information.

memento-app - Android App which serves as an AI assistant for human memory

  •    Java

Created a Android App which serves as an AI assistant for human memory. This app was the winner of Microsoft code.fun.do 2017 at IIT (BHU) Varanasi and participated in code.fun.do SHOWCASE.

AmityApp - Making data management more friendly.

  •    Javascript

Amity is currently only useful as a MongoDB Viewer. Full editing capabilities are in the works. After making a JavaScript app duplicating functionality of the mongo-express project, I realized the potential for this app is far greater than just a MongoDB manager. I started the year off with a grand-slam feature creep: Amity will manage multiple servers of different types (SQL, MongoDB, then more). If you need a MongoDB manager right away, please use mongo-express.

OHMySQL - Easy direct access to your database 🎯 http://oleghnidets.github.io/OHMySQL/

  •    C

The library supports Objective-C and Swift, iOS and macOS. You can connect to your remote MySQL database using OHMySQL API. It allows you doing queries in easy and object-oriented way. Common queries such as SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, JOIN are wrapped by Objective-C code and you don't need to dive into MySQL C API. If you are interested in and want to know how it can be applied in your project too.

c-store - C-Store : A column-oriented DBMS prototype (frozen)

  •    C++

Note: Do not use this repository as an actual DBMS. It is a mostly-unmaintained research prototype. C-Store was a prototype for a columnar, analytics-focused (read-focused) DBMS, developed in the mid-2000's. Read more about it on the project's (frozen/archived) homepage. It involed researchers such a Daniel Abadi, Samuel Madden, Miguel Ferreira and others (not including the owner/maintainer of this repository!); and resulted in several academic publications.

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