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ByteBase - Web-based, zero-config, dependency-free database schema change and version control tool for teams

  •    Go

Bytebase is a web-based, zero-config, dependency-free database schema change and version control management tool for developers and DBAs. It is for developers to collaborate on database schemas changes. It helps to construct a single pipeline to propagate the schema change across multiple environments. It can also store the schemas in VCS and trigger a new pipeline upon commit push.

Tabular AMO 2012

  •    CSharp

Tabular AMO 2012 is about creating and managing tabular models using the AMO api. It is a developer’s sample, for those interested in managing Analysis Services

DBPro Bridge


DBPro Bridge is an emerging open source Visual Studio add-in that enables access to the Database Professional project for developers without a DB Professional license. DBPro Bridge facilitates better collaboration between a DBA, who is using Team System Edition for DBPro, and ...

requery - Store e run queries on database to help system manager of a Django website

  •    Javascript

You can use :param_name to use to run your queries later. This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the Issues list on Github to provide that feedback.

noradle - NodeJS and ORACLE PL/SQL integrated platform (node + plsql) oracle oracle oracle

  •    Javascript

Want to build solid information system solely on PL/SQL and javascript easily, no rely on any other programming language or technical stack? develop with NORADLE. note: from v0.14.0, noradle is split into several sub projects under https://github.com/noradle.

dbachecks - SQL Server Environmental Validation

  •    PowerShell

dbachecks is a framework created by and for SQL Server pros who need to validate their environments. Basically, we all share similar checklists and mostly just the server names and RPO/RTO/etc change. Have questions about development? Please visit our Wiki. Anyone developing this module should visit that Wiki page (after fully reading this readme) for a brief overview.

postgres_dba - The missing set of useful tools for Postgres DBAs and all engineers

  •    Shell

The missing set of useful tools for Postgres DBA and mere mortals. ⚠️ The project is in its very early stage. If you have great ideas, feel free to create a pull request or open an issue.

tpt-oracle - Tanel Poder's Troubleshooting & Performance Tools for Oracle databases

  •    PLSQL

These sqlplus scripts are for Oracle Database performance optimization & troubleshooting. Most of the scripts should be runnable directly from SQL Developer too.