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slack-chatbot-database-watson - Code to build a Slackbot to create and search Db2 or PostgreSQL database entries for events and conferences

  •    Javascript

Code to build a Slackbot to create and search Db2 database entries for events and conferences. The Slackbot is backed by the IBM Watson Assistant (Conversation) service. We integrate Slack and Assistant using the Botkit middleware. As an alternative, an IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL database can be used instead of Db2. The related files have an additional .pg. in their name. The directory botkit-app contains the code for the Node.js app based on Botkit. See the tutorial for instructions to deploy it to Cloud Foundry. You can also test and use it locally.

watson-machine-learning-model-deploy - Use machine learning with anonymous patient data to predict the best drug to treat heart disease

  •    Jupyter

DISCLAIMER: This notebook is used for demonstrative and illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an offering that has gone through regulatory review. It is not intended to serve as a medical application. There is no representation as to the accuracy of the output of this application and it is presented without warranty. In this Code Pattern, we will use anonymous patient data to predict the best drug to treat heart disease. This notebook introduces commands for getting data, model persistance to Watson Machine Learning repository, model deployment, and scoring.

icp4d-customer-churn-classifier - Infuse AI into your application

  •    Jupyter

In this code pattern, we will create and deploy a customer churn prediction model using IBM Cloud Private for Data. First, we will load customer demographics and trading activity data into Db2 Warehouse. Next, we'll use a Jupyter notebook to visualize the data, build hypotheses for prediction, and then build, test, and save a prediction model. Finally, we will enable a web service and use the model from an app. The use case describes a stock trader company that can use churn prediction to target offers for at-risk customers. Once deployed, the model can be used for inference from an application using the REST API. A simple app is provided to demonstrate using the model from a Python app.

cloud-sql-database - Code for a tutorial on how to provision an SQL (relational) database on the IBM Cloud, load data and use it with a Python (Flask / Jinja) web app

  •    HTML

This tutorial shows how to provision a SQL (relational) database service, create a table and load a larger data set, city information into the database. Thereafter, we deploy a web app "worldcities" to make use of that data and show how to access the cloud database. The app is written in Python using the Flask framework. This tutorial is part of IBM Cloud tutorials and discussed as SQL Database for Cloud Data.

continuous-learning-with-watson-ml-and-db2 - Build models that learn over time with Watson Machine Learning, Watson Studio and IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

  •    TSQL

This repository will not be updated. The repository will be kept available in read-only mode. In this code pattern, we will use IBM Watson Machine Learning and Watson Studio — which allows data scientists and analysts to quickly build and prototype models — to monitor deployments, and to learn over time as more data becomes available. Performance Monitoring and Continuous Learning enables machine learning models to re-train on new data supplied by the user or other data sources. All applications and analysis tools that depend on the model are automatically updated as Watson Studio handles the selection and deployment of the best model.

analyze-insights-on-startup-using-watson-studio - This code pattern will demonstrate a methodology to show how we can get analytical insights and visualisations from raw data on the Web

  •    Jupyter

The World Wide Web or the "Web" is the universe of network-accessible information. All this information present in a raw format on the Web. What if you want a way to ingest raw information on the web for any given topic and provide insights and visualiations for the same. This code pattern does, just that taking an example of performing analytics on Startups. Being in the age of start-ups. There is a rapid increase in a number of companies providing skilled services. We can scrape information about such companies and evaluate their success stories based on the number of articles or live use cases appeared in news portals.

db2-samples - Db2 application code, configuration samples, and other examples

  •    HTML

This repo contains many sets of sample application code, API usage examples, configuration examples, etc. that are organized into sub-folders according to programming language or sample topic. Some folders contain multiple samples. Not all sample programs are available on all platforms or supported programming languages. You can use the sample programs as templates to create your own applications, and as a learning tool to understand Db2 functionality.

nodejs-data-lake-dashboard - Sample and tutorial that creates interactive dashboards using: Dynamic Dashboard Embedded, Cloud Object Storage, SQL Query, DB2 Warehouse and AppID

  •    TypeScript

Note: This code is no longer maintained, but kept as reference. Sample and tutorial that creates interactive dashboards using: Cognos Dashboard Embedded (formerly Dynamic Dashboard Embedded), Cloud Object Storage, SQL Query, DB2 Warehouse and AppID. Not all services are required, see tutorials for possible use cases and guidance.

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