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RSDayFlow - iOS 7+ Calendar (Date Picker) with Infinite Scrolling.

iOS 7 Calendar with Infinite Scrolling. Only need 4 lines of code to set up. Import the class header.

Pikaday - A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker — lightweight, no dependencies, modular CSS

By default, dates are formatted and parsed using standard JavaScript Date object. If Moment.js is available in scope, it will be used to format and parse input values. You can pass an additional format option to the configuration which will be passed to the moment constructor. See the moment.js example for a full version.

react-datepicker - A simple and reusable datepicker component for React

You’ll need to install React, PropTypes, and Moment.js separately since those dependencies aren’t included in the package. Below is a simple example of how to use the Datepicker in a React view. You will also need to require the CSS file from this package (or provide your own). The example below shows how to include the CSS from this package if your build system supports requiring CSS files (Webpack is one that does). See here for a full list of props that may be passed to the component. Examples are given on the main website.

alerts-and-pickers - Advanced usage of UIAlertController and pickers based on it: Telegram, Contacts, Location, PhotoLibrary, Country, Phone Code, Currency, Date

Advanced usage of native UIAlertController with TextField, TextView, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView, CollectionView and MapView. When setting your own custom UIViewController into UIAlertController keep in mind to set prefferedContentSize.height of the controller otherwise it will no effect. You can not set prefferedContentSize.width.

ng-bootstrap - Angular powered Bootstrap

Welcome to the Angular version of the Angular UI Bootstrap library. This library is being built from scratch by the ui-bootstrap team. We are using TypeScript and targeting the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework. As with Bootstrap 4, this library is a work in progress. Please check out our list of issues to see all the things we are implementing. Feel free to make comments there.

v-calendar - A lightweight, dependency-free plugin for building attributed calendars in Vue.js

V-Calendar is a clean and lightweight plugin for displaying simple, attributed calendars in Vue.js. It uses attributes to decorate the calendar with various visual indicators including highlighted date regions, dots, bars, content styles and popovers for simple tooltips and even custom slot content. Any single attribute may contain one of each object and can be displayed for single dates, date ranges and even complex date patterns like every other Friday, the 15th of every month or the last Friday of every other month.

shards-ui - 🎨Shards is a beautiful & modern Bootstrap 4 UI kit packed with extra templates and components

A modern UI kit packed with 2 custom page templates and 11 extra custom components built on top of Bootstrap 4 (final). The distributed Shards assets are also available via CDN through unpkg and jsDelivr.

flatpickr - lightweight, powerful javascript datetimepicker with no dependencies

Almost every large SPA or project involves date and time input. Browser's native implementations of those are inconsistent and limited in functionality. Most other libraries require you to pull in heavy dependencies like jQuery, Bootstrap, and moment.js. I wanted something that was good-looking out of the box, dependency-free, powerful, and extensible. flatpickr provides more functionality at a fraction of the size of other libraries.

jtsage-datebox - A multi-mode date and time picker for jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, & jQueryUI

DateBox is a jQuery date and time picker. Full Documentation and Demos, that works with jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, and/or jQueryUI. An extra special thanks to Phill Pafford for answering tons of questions about DateBox, and jQueryMobile in general on StackOverflow.

angular-moment-picker - Angular Moment Picker is an AngularJS directive for date and time picker using Moment

Check out the homepage at http://indrimuska.github.io/angular-moment-picker/. Angular Moment Picker is a native AngularJS directive for date and time picker that uses Moment.js and does not require jQuery.

PickMeUp - Really simple, powerful, customizable and lightweight standalone datepicker

No dependencies, single/range/multiple selections, ability to put custom content into dates, very flexible styling and customization abilities. Or if you are representing a company, here is Faircode page.


React 0.14, 15, and 16 are all supported in the latest version of react-daterange-picker. If you wish to user an older version of React, please use react-daterange-picker v0.12.x or below.

PGDatePicker - ζ—₯ζœŸι€‰ζ‹©ε™¨οΌŒζ”―ζŒεΉ΄γ€εΉ΄ζœˆγ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯γ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άγ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†γ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†η§’γ€ζœˆζ—₯γ€ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άγ€ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†γ€ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†η§’γ€ζ—Άεˆ†γ€ζ—Άεˆ†η§’γ€εˆ†η§’γ€ζœˆζ—₯周 ζ—Άεˆ†η­‰

ζ—₯ζœŸι€‰ζ‹©ε™¨οΌŒζ”―ζŒεΉ΄γ€εΉ΄ζœˆγ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯γ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άγ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†γ€εΉ΄ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†η§’γ€ζœˆζ—₯γ€ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άγ€ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†γ€ζœˆζ—₯ζ—Άεˆ†η§’γ€ζ—Άεˆ†γ€ζ—Άεˆ†η§’γ€εˆ†η§’γ€ζœˆζ—₯周 ζ—Άεˆ†η­‰