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DatatablesBundle - This Bundle integrates the jQuery DataTables plugin into your Symfony application

  •    PHP

Hey folks. Bad news: I'm not working with PostgreSQL. I have no idea about it and therefore can not write any good software supporting PostgreSQL. I also don' t like it. For those reasons I will close all issues on this subject. Feel free to forke the bundle. Thanks for your understanding.


  •    DotNet

DataFromFile is a small class (written in C#) which makes it easy to deal with data files such as Excel (xls or xlsx) or CSV.

Convert Hashtable Rows into DataTable Columns in C#

  •    CSharp

Simplest way to convert a Hashtable into a DataTable with all the Hashtable rows converted into DataTable columns.

Super PHP .NET (SPN) SOAP Class & Datatable Parser

  •    PHP

This project is a PHP class that allows you to consume .NET web services easily and is geared toward parsing .NET datatables into PHP objects. It is a full-featured SOAP class.

Transfer gigantic DataTables over WCF / .Net Remoting

  •    DotNet

Capacity improvements package for .NET Remoting / WCF This solution deals with transferring huge DataTables over WCF and .NET Remoting. Imagine an online casino, needing to clear transactions at end of day. The clearing service needs to collect transaction data from the dat...

django-datatable - django-datatable is a customizable table application of django based on jquery datatable

  •    Python

django-datatable is a simple Django app to organize data in tabular form based on datatable and bootstrap. It is worth mentioning that the design of this project makes reference to django-table2 and is mainly for the purpose of learning. I really appreciate anyone making a pull-request to improve it.

suitable - Semantic UI Table Builder

  •    PHP

Semantic-UI table builder for Laravel.

laravel-vuetable - The laravel backend for the vuetable component

  •    PHP

Laravel Vuetable is the backend component that can work with the Vuetable component.

datatable - An in-memory relational table in Go similar to C#'s System.Data.DataTable.

  •    Go

An in-memory relational table in Go similar to C#'s System.Data.DataTable, supporting slicing and joining operations.

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