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Vitess - Database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL

  •    Go

Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL through generalized sharding. By encapsulating shard-routing logic, Vitess allows application code and database queries to remain agnostic to the distribution of data onto multiple shards. With Vitess, you can even split and merge shards as your needs grow, with an atomic cutover step that takes only a few seconds. Vitess has been a core component of YouTube's database infrastructure since 2011, and has grown to encompass tens of thousands of MySQL nodes.

octillery - Go package for sharding databases ( Supports every ORM or raw SQL )

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Octillery is a Go package for sharding databases. It can use with every OR Mapping library ( xorm , gorp , gorm , dbr ...) implementing database/sql interface, or raw SQL. Currently supports MySQL (for product) and SQLite3 (for testing) .

mixed_gauge - A simple and robust database sharding with ActiveRecord.

  •    Ruby

A simple and robust ActiveRecord extension for database sharding. mixed_gauge offers shards management with hash slots and re-sharding support. It enable you to execute efficient queries to single node with KVS-like interface. And you can even execute limited RDB queries to all nodes with ActiveRecord interface in-parallel. Database sharding tend to be over-complexed. There are cases which need these complex database sharding but in some cases database sharding can be more simple. The large data set which is enoght big to partition should be designed to be distributed, or should be re-design if it wasn't. Design to be distributed uses key based relation or reverse indexes to fits its limitation. In that case, the data set is almost design to be distributed, mixed_gauge strongly encourages your database sharding by its simplicity.