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sequel-pro-laravel-export - A Sequel Pro bundle to generate Laravel migration files from existing tables

  •    PHP

A bundle for Sequel Pro that lets you generate Laravel migration files from existing tables. Connect to a database, and select a table in the left-hand column. From the application menu, choose Bundles › Export › Export to Laravel Migration, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌃⌥⌘M (that's CTRL + OPTION + CMD + M).

mysql-workbench-export-laravel-5-migrations - A MySQL Workbench plugin which exports a Model to Laravel 5 Migrations

  •    Python

A MySQL Workbench plugin that allows for exporting a model to Laravel 5 migrations that follow PSR-2 coding standards. When exported, each migration is generated and saved in it's own, properly named, migration file. This plugin requires MySQL Workbench to work properly.

DB Compare

  •    CSharp

DB Compare is a simple utility that compares the schema (Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures) of two SQL Server databases.



SQLToolbox is a Schema Comparator for SQLServer 2005. Supported features: * Compares schema's of 2 databases on a SQL2005 server * SQL 2000 is supposed to work too (untested). * Shows the different and equal objects in both databases, and scripts to create them (in windiff st...

Database Synchronization Tool


This tool enables a development team to synchronize their local application databases instances to the central common application database instance using DDL and DML scripts.

Template based C# CRUD code generator, any database

  •    DotNet

Introduction This tool is a template driven code generator, intended to be used to generate your CRUD or data access layer. It is very simple to use. SQLCODEGEN is also extensible through the plug-in interfaces. Sample templates and sample extension projects included.



Rails-like migrations for .NET applications. Keep track of database changes and make database changes in a distributed development environment much easier.

dbcritic - Critique a database schema for best practices

  •    Perl

This is the command line interface to App::DBCritic, a utility for scanning a database schema for violations of best practices. All configuration is done via the command line options described by dbcritic --help.

gapMea - Visual tool written in C++/QT5 wich helps designing sql databases

  •    C++

Visual tool written in C++/QT5 wich helps designing sql databases

vera - 📑⚙️ Python/Django reference implementation of the ERAV data model

  •    Python

vera is the reference implementation of the Entity-Record-Attribute-Value (ERAV) data model. ERAV is an extension to Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) that adds support for maintaining multi-faceted provenance metadata for an entity [^1]. The implementation of ERAV provided by vera is optimized for storing and tracking changes to time series data as it is exchanged between disparate technical platforms (e.g. mobile devices, Excel spreadsheets, and third-party databases). In this context, ERAV can be interpreted to mean Event-Report-Attribute-Value, as it represents a series of events being described by the reports submitted about them by various contributors in e.g. an environmental monitoring or citizen science project.

tbls - tbls is a CI-Friendly tool for document a database, written in Go.

  •    Go

tbls is a CI-Friendly tool for document a database, written in Go. tbls doc analyzes a database and generate document in GitHub Friendly Markdown format.

barrel - 🛢 A database schema migration builder for Rust

  •    Rust

A powerful schema migration builder for Rust. Write complicated SQL schema migrations in Rust and easily switch databases. barrel is meant to make writing migrations for different databases as easy as possible. It creates a simple to use API over SQL which allows you to focus on managing your database, not fighting with SQL.

gnorm - A database-first code generator for any language

  •    Go

GNORM is Not an ORM. Gnorm converts your database's schema into in-memory data structures which you can then feed into your own templates to produce code or documentation or whatever.

dbmate - :rocket: A lightweight, framework-agnostic database migration tool.

  •    Go

Dbmate is a database migration tool, to keep your database schema in sync across multiple developers and your production servers. It is a standalone command line tool, which can be used with Go, Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, or any other language or framework you are using to write database-backed applications. This is especially helpful if you are writing many services in different languages, and want to maintain some sanity with consistent development tools.

dingo - Data access in Go - Code Generator

  •    Go

Data access in Go (DinGo). From database schema to RESTful API: all the code is generated for you in few seconds. DinGo creates a Microservice application starting from your database schema. Supported databases are MySQL and PostgreSQL (currently in beta).