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validatorjs - A data validation library in JavaScript for the browser and Node

  •    Javascript

The validatorjs library makes data validation in JavaScript very easy in both the browser and Node.js. This library was inspired by the Laravel framework's Validator. To apply validation rules to the data object, use the same object key names for the rules object.

dry-validation - Data validation based on predicate logic

  •    Ruby

We're working on a new foundation for dry-validation, called dry-schema. You can see progress in this PR. This will result in a partial rewrite for 1.0.0 version. Currently known bugs/issues will be addressed in 1.0.0, not in 0.x due to lack of time. More info about 1.0.0 plans can be found in this thread. See LICENSE file.

cerberus - Lightweight, extensible data validation library for Python

  •    Python

Cerberus is a lightweight and extensible data validation library for Python. Cerberus provides type checking and other base functionality out of the box and is designed to be non-blocking and easily and widely extensible, allowing for custom validation. It has no dependencies, but has the potential to become yours.

Validation Toolkit for WPF & Silverlight


Validation Toolkit for WPF & Silverlight displays automatically validation errors coming from both Data Annotations on the View Model and Asynchronous calls to Web Services. The View Model is wrapped into an object that supplies all needed interface implementations.

validus - A dead simple Python string validation library.

  •    Python

A dead simple Python string validation library. This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.

saul - Data validation and conformation library for Elixir.

  •    Elixir

Data validation and conformation library for Elixir.Saul is a data validation and conformation library. It tries to solve the problem of validating the shape and content of some data (most useful when such data come from an external source) and of conforming those data to arbitrary formats.

passable - An isomorphic data model validations engine

  •    Javascript

Isomorphic data model validations made easy. Passable is a system for javascript applications that allows you to write structured data model validations in a way that's consistent all across your app, and fully reusable.

csvlint - Check that your CSV files are valid

  •    Ruby

CSVlint is an online validation tool for CSV files. It validates conformity of CSV releases to standards, checks for missing or malformed data, and can validate against both CSVW and Datapackage schema standards. CSVlint is a rails app designed to act as a continuous validation service, so that when data is changed online, the validation is updated. Data can be online or uploaded for private validation.

cakephp-multi-column-uniqueness - A CakePHP 2

  •    PHP

A CakePHP 2.x behavior plugin to validate the uniqueness of multiple columns of a model. See the CakePHP plugin installation guide in the CakePHP Cookbook.

form-binder - A micro data binding and validating framework, very easy to use and hack

  •    Scala

Form-binder is a micro data binding and validating framework, very easy to use and hack. It was initially created for my Scalatra-based project, but you can easily integrate it with other frameworks.

data-cleaning-101 - Data Cleaning Libraries with Python

  •    Jupyter

Welcome to the code repository for Practical Data Cleaning with Python! This is a two-day training offered through Safari with O'Reilly media. You can sign up by searching for the course on Safari. This course aims to give you a practical overview of data cleaning and validation libraries and methods in Python. Since we only have 6 hours, it can't go massively in-depth into any one library or tool, but I have tried to include useful tools I have found in my work and incorporate a mixture of the munging and testing I have seen in my own and others workflows.

valaddin - Functional input validation to make R functions more readable and robust

  •    R

Dealing with invalid function inputs is a chronic pain for R users, given R's weakly typed nature. valaddin provides pain relief—a lightweight R package that enables you to transform an existing function into a function with input validation checks, in situ, in a manner suitable for both programmatic use and interactive sessions. You can be more confident your function works correctly, when you know its arguments are well-behaved. But when they aren't, its better to stop immediately and bring them into line, than to let them pass and wreak havoc, exposing yourself to breakages or, worse, silently incorrect results. Validating the inputs of your functions is good defensive programming practice.

validation-toolkit - Lightweight framework for input validation written in Swift

  •    Swift

ValidationToolkit is designed to be a lightweight framework specialised in data validation, such as email format, input length or passwords matching. Think of ValidationToolkit as to an adjustable wrench more than to a Swiss knife.

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