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binarytree - Python Library for Studying Binary Trees

  •    Python

Binarytree is a Python library which provides a simple API to generate, visualize, inspect and manipulate binary trees. It allows you to skip the tedious work of setting up test data, and dive straight into practising your algorithms. Heaps and BSTs (binary search trees) are also supported. You may need to use sudo depending on your environment.

JCTools - Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM

  •    Java

Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM. This project aims to offer some concurrent data structures currently missing from the JDK.

rpds - Rust Persistent Data Structures

  •    Rust

Rust Persistent Data Structures provides fully persistent data structures with structural sharing. Your classic functional list.

st_tree - A C++ template tree container class for storing data in an arbitrary tree structure

  •    C++

A C++ template tree container class for storing data in an arbitrary tree structure. This tree container class is STL-compliant, supports configurable storage models for child nodes, is unit tested and memory tested. It is open source and released under the Apache 2.0 license.

tinyqueue - The smallest and simplest priority queue in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

The smallest and simplest binary heap priority queue in JavaScript. Inspired by js-priority-queue by Adam Hooper.

go-succinct-data-structure-trie - Succinct Data Structure of Trie, written in Go

  •    Go

Implementation of Succinct Trie [1] in Go. The trie structure is great for fast lookup of dictionary words, but if the vocabulary of the dictionary is big, it may takes a lot of space to store the constructed trie. For this reason, succinct data structure is applied to the trie strcuture and we can both have fast lookup and small space requirement.